What highly effective people do before 8am…(That’s us mums right!)

I have been doing a lot of reading on waking up at 5am and what the world’s highly successful people do before 8am. I am not going to lie, I try to wake up at 5am,  during the week, before work and to be honest it works, you can fit a lot in for yourself before the kids wake (if you are lucky not to have the little ones wake with you). I have time to exercise, meditate and chill out for a while before my household wakes at about 6.30am and that time out does me the world of good. I go to work calmer and I feel like I have achieved so much, before the day has even began. On the days that my kids wake before 6am, they just wander downstairs and usually join me in my exercising etc, which can be distracting (especially when they are screaming for breakfast and your mid-meditation) but I have got kids after all.

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Working Mum Life Chit Chat- More me time!!

Do working mums have more “me time” than stay at home mums? What’s your thoughts on this subject? Have look at my video and comment down below…

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Writing my job application

Research suggests that a woman will only apply for a job if they meet 100% of the requirements, whilst a man would see the job and would still apply if only 60% of the requirements are met (from the harvard business review blog post, by Tara Sophie Mohr) . What is the difference between men and women in this instance – confidence!

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Add a touch of glamour to your day

I want to be that stylish sophisticated lady. The one with lovely clothes, gorgeous make up and beautiful shoes. I admire that lady, aspire to be that lady…but in my reality… with 3 kids, I struggled… what clothes look right? Will it still fit? and what my new mum style should be? Then last year, I decided to invest in the help of a stylist (I got a good deal on a voucher website). And it was the best thing for me, my wardrobe and hubby too it would seem…

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How are you using your time?

There are 24 hours in the day and just suppose you sleep for 7.5 hours (I’m being generous here); work 9 hours (may/may not include travel to and from work); get ready, dress and prepare & eat meals, approximately 3 hours; daily chores and miscellaneous 2 hours; which leaves you with 2.5 hours that you are free to do with what you please…

Decision Fatigue

Apparently this is a real thing! This is the reason that President Obama, always wears blue or grey suits and Mark Zuckerberg has a uniform of a grey tee-shirts and jeans, so that they save their decisions for the day job.

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My First Blog Post

So here it is my first written entry for my blog. I have been thinking of doing this blog for ages. Talking to a select few about what i want it to be about and my ideas etc. I even researched other mummy blogs (for me this was a big mistake!).

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