Add a touch of glamour to your day

I want to be that stylish sophisticated lady. The one with lovely clothes, gorgeous make up and beautiful shoes. I admire that lady, aspire to be that lady…but in my reality… with 3 kids, I struggled… what clothes look right? Will it still fit? and what my new mum style should be? Then last year, I decided to invest in the help of a stylist (I got a good deal on a voucher website). And it was the best thing for me, my wardrobe and hubby too it would seem…

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How are you using your time?

There are 24 hours in the day and just suppose you sleep for 7.5 hours (I’m being generous here); work 9 hours (may/may not include travel to and from work); get ready, dress and prepare & eat meals, approximately 3 hours; daily chores and miscellaneous 2 hours; which leaves you with 2.5 hours that you are free to do with what you please…

Decision Fatigue

Apparently this is a real thing! This is the reason that President Obama, always wears blue or grey suits and Mark Zuckerberg has a uniform of a grey tee-shirts and jeans, so that they save their decisions for the day job.

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My First Blog Post

So here it is my first written entry for my blog. I have been thinking of doing this blog for ages. Talking to a select few about what i want it to be about and my ideas etc. I even researched other mummy blogs (for me this was a big mistake!).

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