working mum - keep moving

In pursuit of a healthier me – move my body…

This for me is already part of my routine on most mornings, but even if I can’t fit in an exercise routine in my day I will incorporate being active, whilst carrying out my day to day life. With a young family I don’t have to try hard to raise my heart beat up and get my sweat on. Some of my active lifestyle habits are:

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Working mum - Healthier food choices

In pursuit of a healthier me – healthy food choices (80/20 rule)…

Healthy food choices – Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners….
I tend to batch cook our family meals to ensure that we eat healthy throughout the week. It saves me time cooking when I get home from work. I also prepare my lunches for the week, to ensure I’m eating what I like and making healthier choices in my day. I suppose I have always been a packed lunch type of girl (never really liked school dinners), so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m still the same. With food I follow an 80/20 rule – eat well 80% of the time, which means that 20% you can eat what you like… Although my weakness is chocolate and sugar in my tea/ coffee. I know, I know…but I never said I was prefect.
I’ll do a meal planning, prepping and cooking post soon, which will go into alot more detail on this topic…
Working mum - sleep early

In pursuit of healthier me – Getting to bed early…

This I really need to work on. I’m naturally a night owl, but with the kids, working etc I know that getting to bed too late isn’t helping me. As mentioned in my “What highly effective people do before 8am“. I try to wake up at 5am to get in a workout and meditation (which has now become my miracle morning) before the kids are up and my day begins. Waking at 5am does leave me feeling dog tired in the evenings/night time, but that is when my inner child comes out to play and I try to ignore those feelings and stay up as late as possible, by watching TV, on social media…

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Drink more water - working mum

In pursuit of a healthier me – Drinking more water

I had a body analysis done nearly a year ago. It was really interesting what my calorie intake should be and surprisingly it was less than 2000 (which is what is recommended daily amount for women) and was about 1800. They also measured my muscle mass and body fat percentage. From all this information I was told that most areas were within the normal range but I had water retention and guess what solves water retention? Drinking more water…

I should drink 2-3 litres of water a day and for a good few months after the tests I drank my daily portion of water, by guzzling down 1 litre bottles, 3 times a day (usually 1 hour before a meal). This method worked for a while. But have you ever drank a litre of water in one go…It is crazy, fills you up in a bloated way (not nice), although it helped me eat less, being so obviously full. So, although I had found a way to drink my 3 litres it was hard work. As you guessed, it didn’t last long and I have fallen out of the habit of drinking water. How do I get it back? Any suggestions?

Ease the Pressure – Working Mum Guilt

This the last in my series of “Ease the pressure…” I hope you enjoyed them.


After putting the kids to bed the other night and having a surprisingly easy bedtime routine that night, with no tantrums etc…I started thinking about my reason for working and why I don’t feel working mum guilt anymore, especially as the kids have gotten older. I have posted a video on this topic on YouTube, linked above. In the video I mention 5 areas that I believe have helped me manage (and now eliminate) working mum guilt.

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working mum - clean house

Clean your house in an hour…Really??

Really, do these things work? I must admit I am a sucker for titles like this on Pinterest. I open them up with such enthusiasm and anticipation…holding my breath as if I am going to find the golden chalice….how do I do it? How do I clean my house in 1 hour? I will then be able to fit it in my schedule and not have to Ooh and Aah about the additional cost of getting a cleaner…I can spare 1 hour a week to clean my house. …so let me begin..

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Miracle Morning- working mum life

My Miracle Morning…

This is my newest habit, I have only recently heard about it through a YouTube inspirational talk given by Hal Elrod (the person behind the miracle morning) and it is changing me already! It is set of rituals that you apply to your everyday morning routine, which empowers you with confidence and creativity, to go forward with your day, armed with a positive attitude and a sense of achievement….

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Career or Family?… I want Both!

I am definitely one of those people that enjoys new challenges, and specifically the challenge brought on by change. One of the areas in my life that I create a lot of change is with jobs, which I change quite frequently (every two years or so). I am due to start a new job soon and although I am very excited by the new challenges I will face in the new role. I am also quite anxious….

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Loving my Perfect “Real” Life

As a young girl I dreamt about meeting my Prince Charming (after I had the job of my dreams of course) being swept off my feet and carried off into the sunset…only to appear 9 months later with a bouncing baby (as a kid it would only have been girls for me…considering how girly I was)…and my life would be perfect from then on..all Pink candy floss, Care Bears, hearts and kisses…

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