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Be the mum you want to be.

Do you feel that since you had a child/children there is always someone telling you how you should be doing it! – advice on what you are feeding your children, how you are holding them, how you are entertaining them, your general parenting style – blah blah…Now as long as you are caring for, feeding (healthy foods of course) and showing your child love and generally meeting their emotional and health needs then you and them are all good…right!

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Tidy Spotless Home…really!!!

Do you stare enviously at those beautiful homes you see in the magazines, on TV, Pinterest, YouTube, where it is spotless, everything has a place and is in its place. The design is stunning… Then, You look up at your home and….why are all those toys chucked over there..why hasn’t hubby cleared up his things…or his special “chill out” corner looks disgusting…who left that mug there? Oh it was me…when I was chasing the kids up to bed last night and then couldn’t be bothered to come back down to clear up and just ended up pouring a glass of wine and taking that up to bed with me instead…

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working mum - No Spending

No Spending Challenge!!!

I’m not happy about doing this challenge I really don’t want to do at all and wish it wasn’t something that was even on my radar. I’m a grown woman who works hard, earns her own money…why do I have to stop spending on myself? I deserve to buy what I want, I’ve worked hard enough for it! And it is precisely that attitude that has got me here.

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Working mum - create

How I Stay Creative.

What kills your creative mojo?

Now I am on a new creative journey with my blog…and actually loving it. Not only do I enjoy the final product of an entertaining post for people to read, but relish¬†the process from idea, to putting words on to paper – making them connect and flow into an enjoyable read. Although, I am new to the world of blogging and YouTube, I’ve have many years of experience with factual writing in my job (in the form of weekly, monthly reports) and know some tricks that you have to do in order to apply yourself to start and then complete the task.

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working mum life good night sleep

Prepare Your Morning the Night Before…

I was inspired to write this post, whilst I was on a holiday from work, before I started my new job. During that time I was off work with the kids who were on Easter holiday and I figured I could take a break from everything, including my morning routine (I wanted to laze around in the morning and stay up late with hubby watching TV – hubby is a late sleeper)…however I soon realised that my productivity and mood suffered. Light bulb moment – my morning routine isn’t just something I should do before work, it is something I should do all the time as it helps shape my day.

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Career or Family - working mum life

Interview Prep – The Working Mum way!

As you are probably aware from my recent posts I have started a new job and as I write this I am in my first week and it is already busy, busy, busy…but I am still very excited to get into the role. However I’ve realised that I never finished telling you my interview process and what I do to prepare for an interview. Read on if you want to know more.

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working mum - keep moving

In pursuit of a healthier me – move my body…

This for me is already part of my routine on most mornings, but even if I can’t fit in an exercise routine in my day I will incorporate being active, whilst carrying out my day to day life. With a young family I don’t have to try hard to raise my heart beat up and get my sweat on. Some of my active lifestyle habits are:

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Working mum - Healthier food choices

In pursuit of a healthier me – healthy food choices (80/20 rule)…

Healthy food choices – Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners….
I tend to batch cook our family meals to ensure that we eat healthy throughout the week. It saves me time cooking when I get home from work. I also prepare my lunches for the week, to ensure I’m eating what I like and making healthier choices in my day. I suppose I have always been a packed lunch type of girl (never really liked school dinners), so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m still the same. With food I follow an 80/20 rule – eat well 80% of the time, which means that 20% you can eat what you like… Although my weakness is chocolate and sugar in my tea/ coffee. I know, I know…but I never said I was prefect.
I’ll do a meal planning, prepping and cooking post soon, which will go into alot more detail on this topic…