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Prepare Your Morning the Night Before…

I was inspired to write this post, whilst I was on a holiday from work, before I started my new job. During that time I was off work with the kids who were on Easter holiday and I figured I could take a break from everything, including my morning routine (I wanted to laze around in the morning and stay up late with hubby watching TV – hubby is a late sleeper)…however I soon realised that my productivity and mood suffered. Light bulb moment – my morning routine isn’t just something I should do before work, it is something I should do all the time as it helps shape my day.

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My Miracle Morning…

This is my newest habit, I have only recently heard about it through a YouTube inspirational talk given by Hal Elrod (the person behind the miracle morning) and it is changing me already! It is set of rituals that you apply to your everyday morning routine, which empowers you with confidence and creativity, to go forward with your day, armed with a positive attitude and a sense of achievement….

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Mum About Town

The last few weeks have been a blur of social activity with friends visiting from overseas, going out for dinner & drinks.
I even had the pleasure of a “full kid free day out” to London Fashion Weekend at the Saatchi Gallery, on the Kings Road with some friends on Saturday. This was a great day, where we indulged in good food, prosecco, a runway show, make up and shopping – for a girlie girl like me this was heaven…with pink bubbles…

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Valentines Day…

I have been trying to write this post for a few weeks, knowing Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner and thought wouldn’t it be nice to give my readers some ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day romantic when you have kids. Well, you can’t write what you don’t know…and with three kids I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a truly romantic Valentine’s Day!!!

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