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How to be productive or Not….

Now I have been seeing a lot of videos and reading blog posts on how to be more productive. And at first I thought yes I need to know this, I need to work out how I can fit even more into my already packed day…so I was studiously taking notes on what I could do different and yes I have learnt a thing or two. However it wasn’t until I was relaying to a colleague at work my weekend activities that she said to me…”my goodness you do fit a lot into your weekends….your constantly on the go!” I thought about it and she had a point, I am always on the go, before work, at work, at home in the evenings and on the weekend! But hey I can handle it I’m being productive, right?

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working mum - No Spending

No Spending Challenge – a few months later

23rd May
Well I have nearly completed my first month of the no spending challenge and I’ve learnt a few things about myself…


I am much more tempted to shop nowadays than I ever used to be. The ease of being able to pick up your phone or iPad and just go on to your favourite online store (for me that is ASOS) and just pick what you want and buy it, has a real draw to it. For me there is an urgency to the task, a must that I have to do it there and then. And I’ve been online browsing a lot, on the tube to/ from work (before I go underground), at home when I’m bored, while kids are watching something on TV or before I go to bed!

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Working Mum- Tidy Home

Tidy Spotless Home…really!!!

Do you stare enviously at those beautiful homes you see in the magazines, on TV, Pinterest, YouTube, where it is spotless, everything has a place and is in its place. The design is stunning… Then, You look up at your home and….why are all those toys chucked over there..why hasn’t hubby cleared up his things…or his special “chill out” corner looks disgusting…who left that mug there? Oh it was me…when I was chasing the kids up to bed last night and then couldn’t be bothered to come back down to clear up and just ended up pouring a glass of wine and taking that up to bed with me instead…

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working mum - No Spending

No Spending Challenge!!!

I’m not happy about doing this challenge I really don’t want to do at all and wish it wasn’t something that was even on my radar. I’m a grown woman who works hard, earns her own money…why do I have to stop spending on myself? I deserve to buy what I want, I’ve worked hard enough for it! And it is precisely that attitude that has got me here.

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Working mum - create

How I Stay Creative.

What kills your creative mojo?

Now I am on a new creative journey with my blog…and actually loving it. Not only do I enjoy the final product of an entertaining post for people to read, but relish the process from idea, to putting words on to paper – making them connect and flow into an enjoyable read. Although, I am new to the world of blogging and YouTube, I’ve have many years of experience with factual writing in my job (in the form of weekly, monthly reports) and know some tricks that you have to do in order to apply yourself to start and then complete the task.

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