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One Year of Blogging

I have been blogging for nearly a year and how have I found it? Very challenging at times. I have broken the golden rule of blogging and have slacked on my schedule of publishing once a week, numerous times. I am really bad at self promotion and have not really been pushing my blog to people or on social media and I seem to have a funny relationship with twitter – loving and hating it all at the same time!!

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Feeling Stressed Out!!

My days are getting longer and longer…Work is absolutely crazy – I’m wearing so many different hats in the one role…and the deadlines and demands have exploded…everything was due yesterday, I’m training a new person, I’m expected to have the knowledge of so much at my fingertips…Right now all I can do is put one foot in front of the other and just try to remain focused on each task and do what I need to do. I am keeping a calm exterior most of the time, but inside I have moments of feeling utterly out of control, worried that I am going to miss a deadline, that I will drop the ball on one of my many conflicting demands. Then throw in days of endless meetings and my working day is just a blur of report writing, feedback, speaking and sometimes not even thinking – I’m on auto pilot!

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Working Mum Life

Top Tips for remaining calm in an Interview

I think as a final summary to my job and interviews posts, I have listed below key points that help me remain calm in an interview setting. I’ve had a lot of experience of interviews both as an interviewer and interviewee, so hopefully I can impart a few words of wisdom on the subject:

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Interview Prep – The Working Mum way!

As you are probably aware from my recent posts I have started a new job and as I write this I am in my first week and it is already busy, busy, busy…but I am still very excited to get into the role. However I’ve realised that I never finished telling you my interview process and what I do to prepare for an interview. Read on if you want to know more.

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Career or Family?… I want Both!

I am definitely one of those people that enjoys new challenges, and specifically the challenge brought on by change. One of the areas in my life that I create a lot of change is with jobs, which I change quite frequently (every two years or so). I am due to start a new job soon and although I am very excited by the new challenges I will face in the new role. I am also quite anxious….

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Writing my job application

Research suggests that a woman will only apply for a job if they meet 100% of the requirements, whilst a man would see the job and would still apply if only 60% of the requirements are met (from the harvard business review blog post, by Tara Sophie Mohr) . What is the difference between men and women in this instance – confidence!

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