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How to be productive or Not….

Now I have been seeing a lot of videos and reading blog posts on how to be more productive. And at first I thought yes I need to know this, I need to work out how I can fit even more into my already packed day…so I was studiously taking notes on what I could do different and yes I have learnt a thing or two. However it wasn’t until I was relaying to a colleague at work my weekend activities that she said to me…”my goodness you do fit a lot into your weekends….your constantly on the go!” I thought about it and she had a point, I am always on the go, before work, at work, at home in the evenings and on the weekend! But hey I can handle it I’m being productive, right?

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A Letter to My Children

To My Darlings,
You are each my heart beat, my reason for being. I want the best of everything for you all. I have high hopes for you. My dreams for the future for the three of you are to be happy, joyful, enthusiastic and energetic about life. I want you to achieve far and above what I have achieved. I want you to make those right choices about friends, future partners and careers that will make you look back at your life and beam with joy and fulfillment. I want everything good in the world for you and more. I don’t want you to be afraid of failure or of taking a wrong turning, because I know that the strength of God is in you to guide you and you will be true to your soul and your true reason for being.


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Be Mum you want to be - working mum life

Be the mum you want to be.

Do you feel that since you had a child/children there is always someone telling you how you should be doing it! – advice on what you are feeding your children, how you are holding them, how you are entertaining them, your general parenting style – blah blah…Now as long as you are caring for, feeding (healthy foods of course) and showing your child love and generally meeting their emotional and health needs then you and them are all good…right!

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Ease the Pressure – Working Mum Guilt

This the last in my series of “Ease the pressure…” I hope you enjoyed them.


After putting the kids to bed the other night and having a surprisingly easy bedtime routine that night, with no tantrums etc…I started thinking about my reason for working and why I don’t feel working mum guilt anymore, especially as the kids have gotten older. I have posted a video on this topic on YouTube, linked above. In the video I mention 5 areas that I believe have helped me manage (and now eliminate) working mum guilt.

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Clean your house in an hour…Really??

Really, do these things work? I must admit I am a sucker for titles like this on Pinterest. I open them up with such enthusiasm and anticipation…holding my breath as if I am going to find the golden chalice….how do I do it? How do I clean my house in 1 hour? I will then be able to fit it in my schedule and not have to Ooh and Aah about the additional cost of getting a cleaner…I can spare 1 hour a week to clean my house. …so let me begin..

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Loving my Perfect “Real” Life

As a young girl I dreamt about meeting my Prince Charming (after I had the job of my dreams of course) being swept off my feet and carried off into the sunset…only to appear 9 months later with a bouncing baby (as a kid it would only have been girls for me…considering how girly I was)…and my life would be perfect from then on..all Pink candy floss, Care Bears, hearts and kisses…

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Pregnancy and birth

Ease the pressure – Congratulations on the birth…

I’ve been having a lot of conversations recently with mothers who have had their children a few years ago and we’ve been exchanging birthing stories like war heroes…

Who had a normal delivery with no drugs, who had all the drugs on offer, who had interventions and who had the dreaded c-section! Everyone has their story to tell and thankfully most of us had a happy ending. A lot of the conversation also involves regrets from mothers who weren’t able to follow a birth plan or they felt that their choice was taken away from them.

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replenish your energy - Happy Mother's Day

Replenish Your Energy – Happy Mother’s Day!!

Do you ever hit a wall? It is a bit like in “my make hay while the sun shines” post…I do too much on top of working, managing kids and home… Like having a lot of evenings out/ being busy at work/ going to bed too late (like my last few weeks – see Mum about Town Post). After a few weeks of busy-ness… I suddenly hit a wall and just can’t do anymore physically. I end up having to spend an afternoon on the sofa, doing nothing and watching TV with kids (sorry not always the active mum after all). It seems that my body and mind has this automatic slow down switch…which kicks into gear when I’ve been over doing it and actually forces me to take it easy for while, just to replenish my energy again. The issue is when I ignore this feeling and continue to be just as busy, then it just gets worse and worse…usually resulting in me becoming run down and getting migraines, colds, sore throats, whatever is going around.

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What do your Saturdays look like?

Mine looks like a crazy rush of activities with no break in between. I get so excited for the weekend imagining an uninterrupted morning with children waking up being pleasant to one another and playing nicely in their rooms, while I can wake up slowly and relaxed….well I wake up usually with one or more climbing over me to get in the middle of the bed. If it is very early I endure 30 plus mins of movement from them, maybe a game of hide and seek under the covers or even singing! Then hubby or I lose all patience and depending on how sleep deprived we are, we will either banish them to play in their rooms or give up on sleep and get up and make breakfast…