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I’m Back…

I have been MIA for a few months… I need some real time out for myself and release some of the pressure I have been feeling across all areas of my life. Although I haven’t been posting, I have been writing blog posts on an ad hoc basis…. Whilst I am slowing getting back on the blogging wagon, I think it might be nice to see what I have been up to over the last few months.  Some here you go, enjoy!!


Fitness Weekender – Written back in February


I am just back from a fitness weekend in Torquay, Devon. It was fantastic, just what the doctor ordered. Kiddies were back home with hubby and I was off having fitness filled days, party and cocktail filled nights and feeling like I was back in my twenties. The classes were so much fun (the music and the moves). I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of us that enjoy working out it was fun!!! Not all the classes were for fitness fanatics and they had a range for beginners to advanced. The vibe was inclusive and friendly – it was just want I needed…time out, time to myself and just plain old time!!!


I slept kinda late (past 7am is late in my book) and once I was up I only had to look after Moi…what a life!! I give props to hubby who really managed the 4 day/3 nights with the kids, whilst I was away and didn’t complain or make me feel guilty (although he had a little help from my mum with cooked food – everyday)…He just took it in his stride… So Hubs – Well done Honey!!!


Now with this time out…all for me, I realised how well deserved it was and how I need to do it more often – a few times a year (ideally, but not very likely, but lets work towards something).  So ladies – please don’t forget you! In these child rearing years, I know that we chose to have children and we need to take the rough with the smooth and yes this is what do, but ladies there are times when you need to just take some time back for yourself  – whatever that maybe and make sure you use that time and space to rebuild yourself, relax and just chill out…it is worth it!!!


Vanessa XOXO
Capsule wardrobes - working mum life

Capsule Wardrobes

To say I am a bit obsessed with getting a capsule wardrobe is a mild understatement….when I get in my fashion mood, which seems to be pretty often at the moment (am I a shallow mummy???). I want this perfect wardrobe that flows and coordinates with everything else and after my visit from the stylists, my love of fashion and style has been reignited and I want to look put together at all the times…

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One year of blogging

One Year of Blogging

I have been blogging for nearly a year and how have I found it? Very challenging at times. I have broken the golden rule of blogging and have slacked on my schedule of publishing once a week, numerous times. I am really bad at self promotion and have not really been pushing my blog to people or on social media and I seem to have a funny relationship with twitter – loving and hating it all at the same time!!

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Feeling stressed - working mum life

Feeling Stressed Out!!

My days are getting longer and longer…Work is absolutely crazy – I’m wearing so many different hats in the one role…and the deadlines and demands have exploded…everything was due yesterday, I’m training a new person, I’m expected to have the knowledge of so much at my fingertips…Right now all I can do is put one foot in front of the other and just try to remain focused on each task and do what I need to do. I am keeping a calm exterior most of the time, but inside I have moments of feeling utterly out of control, worried that I am going to miss a deadline, that I will drop the ball on one of my many conflicting demands. Then throw in days of endless meetings and my working day is just a blur of report writing, feedback, speaking and sometimes not even thinking – I’m on auto pilot!

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Exercise be flexible

Exercise – Be flexible…

I have been in a bit crap with my exercising recently and have only been working once a week for the last 2 months (which for me isn’t great). In truth I have been bored and too tired to wake up early to exercise. I am trying to get myself out of that unmotivated state and have found a few things that are helping me along the way:

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I remember a time

I remember the time…

I remember the time…When my youngest was just out of hospital, my husband was going back to work, I was still recovering from my c-section and I had a 3 & half year old and 15 month old. In all honesty, on my first day alone with the kids, I was scared. How was i going to manage, feed, entertain them, from morning to evening. It was a daunting prospect that I was to be in charge of 3 small people and it can all kick off at anytime, with no hope of reasoning with them when it did. I had to find a way to organise myself, the kids and all our independent demands, throughout the day. Somehow I did it for that day and all the days to follow, each day got slightly easier, I learnt from the mistakes of the past, sort advice, read lots and got through it, some days easier than others.