Lighten The Load

Happy November everyone!! Its not long until Christmas, have you started you Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t but I have started writing a list…granted it only has one name on it – my middle daughter, but it is a start.  Well I’m not here to talk about Christmas planning, which will be another post for another week. I wanted to let you all know that I have finally caved in and got myself a cleaner.

Now I know that having a cleaner is privilege and not everyone’s circumstance can allow for one, ours didn’t financially for a long time and even when we could make some room in the budget for one, I didn’t want to “waste” my money. But I have realised that I can’t do it all…trying to fit cleaning in on top of a demanding job, ferrying kids to their weekly activities and my constant nagging at hubby to get the vacuum out was causing more stress than I had already. What I needed more than anything was to lighten my load and free up more time for me…to write, to read, watch crap TV or just do nothing…I needed time for me and what I cleaner would give me is more time – and how can that be a waste!

So after hunting for months for a cleaner to come to me on alternate weeks on a Friday (Fridays seem to be the day to have a cleaner – who would of guessed that everyone wants a clean house for the weekend) I nearly gave up hope. Finally, I struck gold and got not one, but two cleaners (a lady and her sister) who work together to get the job done in half the time. So instead of 4 hours every other week, they come for 2-2.5 hours. They come while I’m working from home and we do a bit of a changing rooms act (with me trying not to get in the way), but it works well and when they leave I have a fabulously clean home without having lifted a finger – heaven!

My kids know that on these Fridays, they have to take off their shoes at the door, put all rubbish in the bin and eat only at the table (i.e. no trying to sneak food into the sitting room to eat in front of the TV)!

I manage to keep it pristine for all of a day, sometimes if I am luckly until Monday! But it is worth it. I maintain it between cleaning visits (so do light cleaning), but it isn’t a big deal now and I can do those jobs in 10 – 15mins splurts, without out too much strain.

I’m a free woman!! Well free of cleaning the house from top to bottom..I feel great, happy and accomplished because I have made a choice that benefits my well being….

Now tell me what choices have you made recently to give yourself a break or more time? I’ll love to hear from you please leave your comments below.

Vanessa xoxo

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