What have I been up to?

Hey Everyone,

The last time you heard from me was in July, so what have I been up to… here are some of my life updates from the last few months.

1. I’ve been on holiday with the family to Tenerfie. it was two weeks of sun, semi-relaxation (as much as is possible with 3 kids), sandcastle building, swimming, water parks, eating out, Go karting, evening walks and just fun in the sun.

2. I turned 40 at the end of August and celebrated with close friends and family. And before you ask do I feel old – absolutely not! Do I feel wiser – not sure! I do feel happy and satisfied with my life- granted it is a bit crazy at times (especially work), but I don’t think I would have any other way.

3. Work is manic for me currently – my boss has been off sick (due to an operation) for 3 months, so I am covering his role, my role and we are short staffed. I have also decided to take control of my career progression and signed myself up to a course which runs for 6 months (it started in September). It requires me to attend training 2 days a month as well as do lots or pre-course reading etc. The course hasn’t come at the best time and is a big commitment and I am not going to lie at times I am finding it difficult fitting everything in, but I know the course is worth the hassle. Also my boss should be back to work within the next few days, so the struggle is coming to an end. I’ve also had to re-evalute my time management and workload constantly over the last few months.

4. I have also become acutely aware that I need to learn to build myself up and boast my own confidence levels with positive self talk. During my most stressing moments, I struggle with keeping positive and the fact that I have lapsed on writing in my “Daily Greatness Journal” as well as meditating daily, hasn’t helped. I need to make it a habit. It is only 5mins in the morning and evening to write in the journal. I should be able to fit that in! I am in charge of my self belief, self development and my own greatness.

5. I have changed my exercise programme and am using a new app call “FitStar”, which is like a personal trainer on my phone. I have paid for the annual subscription which was £35, (I kinda thought it was worth it as I don’t pay for the gym). The app works by giving you a choice of workout programmes, I have chosen “Get Lean”. You enter your personal details (height, weight etc) and then after each excerise move you are asked to rate it (if it was easy, hard or just right) and based on your ratings the workout will adapt accordingly and so will your future workouts. I love the fact that I wake in the morning and a tailored workout is waiting for me. One less thing to think about- Yah!!!

6. My eldest turned 9 at the beginning of September and suddenly I was aware of how quickly he is growing up…I have to treasure our moments to together…but how to with some much going on???

Hope you all enjoyed this quick recap of my last few months.

And as a take away before you go –
Diamonds are formed from pressure being applied…we cannot get through life floating on a cloud…when things are manic to get you through look for and appreciate those moments when you can have that bit of quiet and calm in your day.

Love Vanessa
(working mum!!)


  • Lucy

    19th October 2017

    Hi Vanessa, happy 40th, glad you had a (sort of) relaxing holiday and well done on committing to the course. The evidence for writing a positive journal is weak and there is no evidence it helps make any impact on things like objective measures (career progression, salary etc..). If it makes you feel good, by all means enjoy! I simply wanted to share I’m not surprised you’ve lapsed in writing/meditating. Stressful moments are totally normal – don’t beat yourself up if the one thing that lapses is the thing which in actual fact makes little difference anyway. You’ll get more confidence from things like the course you’re doing. Women especially feel more confident through experience. E.g before you run 10km you don’t know you can or what time. Do it once and you get more confident about knowing if you can do it/push yourself to a particular time. Sounds like you have huge amounts on your plate – and despite it all, you have 3 kids, go to the gym – I’m
    Guessing you sleep and eat right? And you still have time to write a blog. My god woman what are you needing more positive talk for? Sounds to me like you’re a bloody superstar!

    • workingmumlife


      7th November 2017

      Thank you Lucy, for you encouraging words.

      To be honest I’m bad at getting to bed early, so do feel tired most of the time – I’m trying to work on that. I definitely do try to eat well. And what I have realised is that I am quite good at managing my time and getting jobs done. I.e. if I wake late instead of skipping my exercise altogether I might try and squeeze in 10/15mins instead of a 30min work out etc or planning my housework around kids activities.

  • AfroCelt

    9th November 2017

    Thank you for inviting me to read your blog. Well worth my while. Lovely to meet you again and work with you.


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