Simplify Your Life

Now a days alot of people are talking about minimalism and simplifying their lives.  And at first glance you could take just to be about cleaning out your wardrobe, reducing your belongings, so you don’t have so much stuff to tidy, organise and generally look after.


However it is so much more than that. It is more than just having less and only holding on to those things that you love. It is a way to live life. Some of the ways that I have simplified my life as a mum and on top of that a working mum are:


1. Create Uniform and even better have a capsule wardrobe. I have been trying to simplify my wardrobe for a few years and I have a capsule-ish wardrobe. See more on my capsule wardrobe via this link.


2. Simplify your calendar/ appointments and what you do in a day. Obviously some days will be out of your control, i.e. when you are at work and there may be a lot of events that you have to go to, but even then I try to minimise the number of meetings I attend on a daily basis, mainly because I need the time to do my work. On the weekends we have days where we have nothing planned and kids spend days playing with their toys in the garden and actually getting bored, which believe is good for them as it sparks greater imagination.


3. Create time out for yourself – I do this by waking up early in the morning (5am most mornings) to do exercise, meditation and so me time before the rest of the household wakes. I’ve realised that quiet and the fact that I do not have to talk to a soul for about 1 hour first thing is what I needI actually enjoy the .


There is so much more that can be said on this topic and I will elaborate more in future posts but this is it for now!


Vanessa xoxo

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