Working Mum Moments…

It’s a quick blog post today folks and kinda random..but hope you find some enjoyment in it…

My hiccups or “oh my gosh, Vanessa” moments this week have been:
  • Talking too much crap in my shared office with my boss…(not a good move)… when I get a bit bored or it is too quiet in the office I talk..I don’t know why I just don’t think I like the silence, which is why I always have headphones and something to listen to…to prevent myself going into the verbal diarrhoea mode.
  • Saying to another mum …when are you due? Can you guess the response – I’m not pregnant…oops, Vanessa.
And my mummy rant – school uniform!
What is it about the end of the school term and suddenly the school shoes don’t fit, cardigans are lost, tops and summer dresses are completely stained with pen, paint, everything…We only have two and half more weeks of school..I just want to get to the finish line (summer hols), without forking out any more money for school stuff. What to do? Well unfortunately my kids are looking less than perfect, if the stains aren’t too bad they are wearing them, it is still warm in London so a cardigan isn’t essential. And when it comes to the school shoes, trainers it will be, with a note to the teacher explaining that I cannot buy new shoes with only 2 weeks of term left!
Have a wonderful week…
Vanessa xoxo

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  • Debby

    5th July 2017

    I am so with you on the school shoes!!!


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