Time for you – Time to Create!

I’m back to travelling to work with my ipad and writing my blog posts on the train! Now this has come about, after listening to a video on YouTube recently when a fellow working mum, said that we should try not to make our whole day just about work, if we work. And even if we are a stay at home mum, we shouldn’t just make the day about everyone else but we should do something for ourselves each day, including something creative.


I am a great believer of carving out time for yourself and I wake early most mornings to exercise etc. And although, I have been making time to workout and meditate, I haven’t been giving myself time to create i.e. write in my blog. So this morning, on a lovely sunny day in June, I woke up at my usual 5am, did my exercise and meditation, and some of my quick morning chores (Emptying the dishwasher, hanging out a few clothes, getting kids breakfast and making my lunch). However, I was desperate to try and fit in some writing time, before I had to leave for work….but that was impossible as obviously there was no more time left! So instead of getting annoyed with myself because I am can’t do anymore in my already crazy busy morning. I thought, why don’t I just use of my commuting time to write, I’m sitting on a tube for about 30/40mins on my way to work, which is plenty of time to get my creative juices flowing. Anyway I usually just sleep, so this is a much more effective use of time.


So here I am sitting on the tube, writing this – with the determination not to just make my day all about work, kids and chores. And it feels good!! It feels real good, that I am giving back to me! I may be sacrificing some extra sleep in the morning or on my journey into work…but it is completely worth it!!! So with renewed enthusiasm to stay on this blogging path – I type this post and plan to do many more during my journey to and from work. (Note: Coffee in my travel mug is helping too!)


Be happy, be focused and follow your dreams!
Vanessa xoxo

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