Capsule Wardrobes

To say I am a bit obsessed with getting a capsule wardrobe is a mild understatement….when I get in my fashion mood, which seems to be pretty often at the moment (am I a shallow mummy???). I want this perfect wardrobe that flows and coordinates with everything else and after my visit from the stylists, my love of fashion and style has been reignited and I want to look put together at all the times…

Now there is a lot out there with regards to how to create a small curated wardrobe…project 333, 10 piece capsule wardrobe, 37 pieces, 30 pieces for 30 days and on and on. I’ve read and watched loads on all of these type of wardrobe creations and have been tempted to try a few of them, but what they all have in common and what I just can’t bear, is counting the items in your wardrobe! For me this is just a no no. Not that I have such a large wardrobe that I can’t do it, but because I just cannot be asked to take out all the pieces in my wardrobe and count them up until I have the required amount and discard the rest (i.e. put away for another season, give away or just sell).


My other bugbear with all the info out there about capsule wardrobes is about dressing up and dressing down an outfit, which is great to know and on many an occasion this knowledge has serviced me well. However as a mum, I do like to have two types of clothes in my wardrobe – Work wear and Weekend wear – when I am at work I tend to like the corporate-ish look and on weekends when I am with the kids I want to wear clothes I am relaxed in and am not worried about dirty or sticky hands ruining it. A dual purpose outfit just will not cut it…And let me not go into the implications this will have on my already crazy laundry schedule!!!


Now the theory behind a capsule wardrobe is to limit the number of items, that can be interchanged and worn in a number of variations, to create an imaginative and versatile wardrobe. So my question to you is? Can the unnumbered items in my wardrobe but limited in terms of confined space constitute a capsule wardrobe? Or is it the actual number of items that make it a capsule wardrobe. Or does it even matter, as long as you are happy with what you have!!!


Food for thought Hey!!!
Vanessa XOXO

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