Crazy Mornings!!!

I’ve woken up late..6.35am to be exact (Not that late for some, but late for me),  and had no time to do my golden hour (sad face emoji)!

It meant that I had to jump straight out of bed and into shower, do hair and make up; get my 6 year old ready (hubby gets 4 year old ready and my 8 year can look after himself – although with a lot of promoting); and organise breakfast for the kids and I. I have a 9am meeting that I am chairing so I need to leave the house by 7:40am the latest. That leaves me with approximately 1 hour from wake up to out the door and with 3 children in the mix that is a drop in the ocean..hardly any time at all.  I’ve woken up with a faint tension headache and just wished that I only had myself to look after and that there was a volume control (i.e. mute button) on the kids this morning…


Absolutely everyone and everything was getting on my nerves..hubby, kids….The kitchen was a mess, no clean breakfast dishes, youngest’s school tee-shirt wasn’t fully dry from being washed last night. Hubby was being full on annoying, by not seeing the clean school jumper folded on top of the clean and dry clothes in the basket. My son was winding me up by refusing to open the new pack of Weetabix (because he can’t do it and it would make a mess). No one, aka me, put the bin out last night,  so it absolutely sinks.  The kids bed linens that I had striped from their beds yesterday evening after work, were still piled on the kitchen floor and I am rushing to stuff them into the washing machine and set the timer to finish when I get home. And to add fuel to the fire, I now only have 10mins to make us breakfast (i.e cereal for kids and porridge for me), eat mine (sorry I cannot leave the house without a hot breakfast) and get out the door!


Have I drawn a vivid enough picture of my morning?…I’m pissed off and have erupted at the kids more than a few times this morning… All I can do to keep calm is to focus on getting out of the door.


Now usually after I have had a whole hour to focus on myself in the morning ( #MyGoldenHour /#Miracle Morning), I can deal with this…I can handle the miserable kids and annoying husband, I can think on my feet and manage the chaos of the mornings, but I find that on those mornings when I have over slept and take no time for myself first thing…my emotions take the lead when trying to handle the morning stress!


My first take home message here is “Vanessa try to get to bed earlier, so you can have the time you want for yourself first thing”…


And my second take home message is “Life happens, you wake late and you feel like crap…just focus on the fact that..once the kids have gone to school or you have gone to work…then all the madness of this morning has been left behind”.


I’m on the train to work and am listening to some neo soul and will chill out for the rest of the journey…It has just been one of those mornings…here’s to a happier day ahead!!


Keep Inspired


To all working mums out there what do your mornings feel like, do you have mornings like these? Comment below.






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