Living the Life!!

I would like to think I am doing that…but ummm…remind me what  ‘Living the Life’ means again?

Is it am living a life full of possibility? Where everything I desire and want is just there for the taking?

Is it having all the things you wanted to have… a home, a family (husband and children), pets even (we only have goldfish)?
Is it being this driven career woman, moving her way up the career ladder, but on her own terms?

Is it being able to spend as much of your free time doing the things you love…

Is it living as a free spirit, just going with the flow, relaxed and chilled at every bend. Not worrying about the future…but just letting life happen!

Well I have come to realise that “Living the Life”, is all of the above to a varying degree and much more! More of the living through the ups and downs, good news and sad news; the moments when you love it all and those when you can’t stand the demands, stress and juggling it all. When life happens regardless of your plans, dreams or goals. When you are an active participant; or whether you choose to be a bystander and just let it take you! Life happens everyday, in the mundane daily tasks and during the milestone life events – Your living the life!
So maybe living the life needs to be less of an aspiration and more of your actual life, it doesn’t mean that you cannot dream or work towards more, make changes, develop yourself or situation to achieve or be the best you can be – but this here and now, the daily grind is living the life!
Think, Inspire and be You!
Vanessa xoxo

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