2017 Goals

New Year Resolutions for 2017

New Years resolutions.. Do you believe in New Year’s Resolution (or Goals which seems to be the way everyone is phrasing it in 2017)?

Well, for me I don’t tend to wait for a new year to set a new resolution, but whenever I feel that I need an upgrade in attitude or start a new habit I will set resolutions for myself and they can start as early as the next day and do not necessary have to wait until the new year…if you are in Aug and want to set a new habit/goal? Do you wait 5 months until it is new year – No! But anyway enough ranting…This year in 2017 I have set a few New Years resolutions, which are:

  • Waking up at 5am, needs to become a real habit that sticks. Last year, I may have woken at 5am, only a few times a week, but not consistently every morning (Mon-Fri) or every week (I have only achieved 5am wake ups everyday for a few weeks in the year). This is mainly due to my issue with going to bed too late, but waking up at 5am has to be done for me to maintain my golden hour (my time for myself). I feel soooo good afterwards that the early morning raise is worth it in the end.
  • Blog regularly – once a week at least (Will post an update on blogging after 1 year shortly).
  • Save more money and stop impulse spending – I have always been a bit obsessed about personal finance and enjoy reading and listening to podcasts on personal finance and others stories on being financial free and out of debt. I am not in debt, but I am a natural spender, so in order to save more money I need to spend less…obviously.

Well I am going to do a post on each of these resolutions/goals in detail and how I plan to achieve them and will post through out January.

Happy 2017!!

Vanessa XOXO

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