Feeling Stressed Out!!

My days are getting longer and longer…Work is absolutely crazy – I’m wearing so many different hats in the one role…and the deadlines and demands have exploded…everything was due yesterday, I’m training a new person, I’m expected to have the knowledge of so much at my fingertips…Right now all I can do is put one foot in front of the other and just try to remain focused on each task and do what I need to do. I am keeping a calm exterior most of the time, but inside I have moments of feeling utterly out of control, worried that I am going to miss a deadline, that I will drop the ball on one of my many conflicting demands. Then throw in days of endless meetings and my working day is just a blur of report writing, feedback, speaking and sometimes not even thinking – I’m on auto pilot!

I have spoken to my manager about some of the areas that are causing the most conflict, but when your boss is just as busy as you or more so….it’s hard to push back and when deadlines are out of everyone’s control (externally set) then you have no choice but get on with it.


Now at home…it is the usual routine of picking kids up from after school club or rushing in to be home so that they can at least see you for that evening. On the weekends we have swimming and football lessons, children’s birthday parties, meeting up with family and friends, cooking, cleaning…the list is endless….


Well now I have painted the picture…How am I handling this?


In truth some days I’m better at this than others, but I am trying to ensure that I do a few things for myself each day to help me cope with these stressful periods in my life.


1. Exercise – as you probably realise this is quite important to me. I try to exercise a few times a week and when I am feeling really stressed it is even more important to me to exercise and during those moments the harder the workout the better…I use it as a way to try and clear my mind…I suppose it is a bit like when runners say they are in the zone..I try to get into the zone.


2. Meditation– I would love to say that I do this everyday and even more when I’m stressed, but I’ve been struggling with meditation a lot recently. It is just like my mind is fighting with me to not slow down and relax, so basically I am not doing it. However I know that in a perfect world I would do this more.


3. Listen to music – now I love doing this! so this is probably my meditation…I just listen to the music that makes me feel chilled and relaxed. Or I listen music if I need to focus and write a report or something that requires a lot of concentration.


4. Take a break – this is very important and sometimes the most important step to achieving the desired result you want. I find that when I am starting to feel so overwhelmed, confused and unfocused because my stress levels are building, instead of wasting anymore energy getting even more wound up, I am better off just taking a break, getting out and going for a walk. If I am at home and the kids are stressing me out, somethings I have just decided to get us out of the house and go to the park or a walk to the supermarket. The mind is an amazing thing, because even though you are no long focused on the issues/problem at hand, just giving yourself that break and chance to think about something else is all that is needed, because when you get back to work then you can usually resolve it in half the time.


5. Good is Good Enough – I may have mentioned this before, but good is good enough. You trying to do everything perfectly isn’t doing anyone any good apart from stressing you out further because it doesn’t meet your level of perfection. Most of the time others will always appreciate and be thankful for your efforts as long as the work is completed by the deadline.


Vanessa xoxo

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