My Food Life – My Do’s and Don’ts…

Hello everyone! Today’s post is all about my do’s and don’t for eating healthy, meal planning and how I do it with as little stress as possible.  Enjoy!

I Do…Meal Plan, loosely. I have an idea of what dishes we will eat for the week and when I do my weekly shop online, buying what is needed for the meals planned in the week ahead. My issue comes with the extras (i.e. Do we need baked beans or do we have enough? Have we got enough toothpaste or shower gel?) this is where I become unstuck. I usually food shop from my bed or on the train to work and as my husband says I virtual shop and do not check what we already have in the cupboard or fridge so we can end up with a lot of extras (opps, I never said I was perfect!!!)

I Don’t...schedule my meals for each day. I like my days to be more fluid and apart from the typical roast on Sundays, I am flexible with my meal for the day.

I Do…Eat home cooked meals most days. I was fortunately enough to have a mum, who’s working schedule allowed her to be home everyday when I got home from school and the first thing you smelt when you walked through the door was home cooked food. I want to give that to my children, but there is a twist…

I Don’t…Cook every day. And by this I mean, I do not cook a full meal everyday, I might boil some rice (in the microwavable rice cooker) or do jacket potatoes (again in the microwave), can you tell I love my microwave! However I batch cook my meats, or fish over the weekend, the process of which doesn’t take that long and involves cooking 3-4 different dishes on a Saturday or Sunday, while I am cooking the meal for that day and I just push the other dishes into a heated oven or slow cooker and Viola – meals for the week!

I Do…eat leftovers, actually the whole family does. We tend to have Sunday’s leftovers on Monday and sometimes the  on the day after the food can taste better!!!

I Don’t…just cook enough for only one meal. I cook large portions – partly so that if we have any surprise visitors I can offer them a plate of food and partly so that we have leftovers. I store the leftovers in the freezer for those days that I can’t be bothered to anything and want a quick meal.

I Do...Make daily lunches for work. My lunch menu tends to consist of salad in a jar, veg in a jar (steamed at work in the – you guessed it, microwave), both of these I mix with tinned mackerel, tuna or chicken wings (shop bought – current fav is M&S spicely chicken wings), wholemeal pitta bread and houmous. I also enjoy baked sweet potato (done in the microwave) with grated cheese and veg (broccoli) on the side. If I have meetings most of the day and know I will have no time to plate up a salad etc, then I bring a wholemeal bagel sandwich with tinned mackerel and cheese inside (it is yummy and filling)…sorry for those of you that do not like fish, especially smelly fish but I love the stuff. I admit that I have a limited repertoire for lunch but I like what I like and if I don’t feel for it that day then I will buy something from Itsu, Eat or Pret (popular UK eateries – great for lunches).

I Don’t…Make my lunches daily. I make them on Sunday or mid week. And if you were to read up on Salad in a Jar you will see that this method of storing salad (and my take of veg in a jar), keeps it fresh for the week.

I Do…Eat lots of fruit and veg. I have banana in my porridge in the mornings, I have salad/veg for lunch and always add veg to my meals (actually I am old school and mix carbs with protein and veg….sorry all those fitness fanatics)…but with kids how else do you get them to eat their veg? I try to have fruit and nuts for snacks at work and home.

I Don’t…worry if a have a cheat day and eat junk food for the day or chinese for dinner, because I couldn’t be bothered to cook or do not feel like eating the food in the fridge/freezer. I don’t worry because I follow the 80:20 rule as long as 80% of the time I am eating well and healthy then I enjoy the 20% of the time, when you want to indulge in a craving – guilt free!

I Do…love chocolate and all things sweet. I did have a sugar addiction and I curbed it and stopped eating processed sugar for a long while. I realise that I will always have a sweet tooth, so have to be very careful how much sweet stuff I indulge in…but that aside…I still allow myself to have some dark chocolate pretty regularly (near daily…eek) and I love it!!!

I Don’t…eat white bread, too many simple carbs or pasta, milk with lactose and shellfish. This is mainly related to intolerances and allergies. And just noticing that when I eat white bread, lots of simple carbs or pasta, I bloat like a balloon and rather than look like I am expecting baby number 4, I have reduced or eliminated them from my diet.

So now I have given you a glimpse into my food life..what do you do when it comes to dinner, lunches, sugar cravings (if you have those) etc. I’d love to know, please leave a comment below.

Also just incase you are wondering regarding lunches – My kids have school dinners and hubby tends to buy his lunches daily (as I said he can’t be bother with prep his lunch), so I only need to look after myself!

Vanessa xx

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