Exercise – Be flexible…

I have been in a bit crap with my exercising recently and have only been working once a week for the last 2 months (which for me isn’t great). In truth I have been bored and too tired to wake up early to exercise. I am trying to get myself out of that unmotivated state and have found a few things that are helping me along the way:

1. Updated my exercise wardrobe – I was growing tired of my exercise outfits, which consisted of flared exercise trousers (that were a bit too long and resulted in me tripping over them especially when I did Yoga or PiYO), tops and cycling shorts that were years old (maybe pre-second child), over 6 years old. I invested in some new fashionable gear from H&M and it has made all the difference to feeling good when I exercise and motivating myself to exercise, because I know that I am looking good.


2. Changing the venue – I currently only workout at home. Mainly because I like working out first thing in the morning before work and with work and 3 kids I just can’t seem to schedule a gym session into my day. Also, my mind is a serious wanderer and if I went to the gym I would get so bored and just waste my time trying to decide what exercise to do next and what machine I should use. I do enjoy attending short focused classes like Spinning or a body pump class with lots of loud music, but most of those are after work and because I have to wait for hubby to get in after 7pm, I never feel like going back out to do a workout. So to change things up at home, I alternate my venue between the sitting room and kitchen (dynamic I know), but it is something. On the rare occassion I may go out for a run, but I don’t do this often.


3. Change the programme –  Variety is the spice of life and as you know my mind wanders a lot, so I alternate my workouts between a few beachbody DVDs (T25 and PIYO), some YouTube favourites (Fitness Blender, ToneitUp, Blogilates) and an app on my phone (SWorkIT)


4. Be flexible  – Like a mentioned earlier I was in a really lazy, unmotivated place and just not exercising as much as I should be. After talking to a friend, I realised that I had completely eliminated the short workouts I always use to swear by. A quick workout that I could squeeze into my morning, especially for those mornings when 5am was just that bit too early. These were my 10-15mins workouts from YouTube or SWorkit and they really are your saving grace when you just need a small burst or energy to get your through the day and back to regular exercise.


5. Be patient – Some days you will just not feel like it, you need a rest, you woke up late, your sick. In my mind I have a set number of days that I want to workout in a week, that usually varies between 3 – 6 days. When I am extremely motivated I can manage 3 x T25 workouts and 2 x PIYO workouts and a jog on the weekends. But that level of motivation and fitness changes for me throughout the year, and some weeks/months it is easier than others. I’m trying to be patient with myself as long as I am doing something, then that is good enough and this is a life journey, so like with all other things in life I will have good times and bad.


Overall what I have come to realise is that exercising and maintaining an activity lifestyle is a mindset, over and above having the physical strength to do/complete the workout. If your mind is not in it you won’t do it. So if you are in a bit of a lazy place with exercise currently then just give yourself a few weekly goals of working out a once/twice a week, completing only 10/15 mins, and maybe mixing up the trainers/ classes/ machines. And don’t worry about what others are saying about how you should do it…do it the way that suits you this is your individual journal and as long as you are pushing yourself towards your goals then you will get there.

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