I remember the time…

I remember the time…When my youngest was just out of hospital, my husband was going back to work, I was still recovering from my c-section and I had a 3 & half year old and 15 month old. In all honesty, on my first day alone with the kids, I was scared. How was i going to manage, feed, entertain them, from morning to evening. It was a daunting prospect that I was to be in charge of 3 small people and it can all kick off at anytime, with no hope of reasoning with them when it did. I had to find a way to organise myself, the kids and all our independent demands, throughout the day. Somehow I did it for that day and all the days to follow, each day got slightly easier, I learnt from the mistakes of the past, sort advice, read lots and got through it, some days easier than others.

I remember the time…That I locked myself out of the house with a toddler and newborn in tow. (Thank goodness baby had been fed, before the fiasco)..it was summertime, a beautiful day…after my embarrassed call to hubby (to rescue us and come home early). We walked to the local park, played in the kids playground and then met hubby at home, where we all had an impromptu late lunch in the garden and a chilled afternoon at home…


I remember the time… I decided to potty train my children… each time I approached it with trepidation – was I prepared for the mess,? the stress? what was I going to bribe with? was it going to work? how long was it going to take? Once I accepted the good, bad and ugly (accidents will happen) it was never as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was always worth it in the end, even if I started a little earlier than some at just before 2 years. They were all out of nappies and training never really took more that a few weeks (obviously there were accidents along the way), but it was never as hard as I actually thought it would be.


I remember the time…That my first born was off to big school… He was so proud, we were so proud. In his uniform he looked so neat and tidy (he is very neat and tidy naturally – must be the Virgo trait). Our son off into his new world of school. How would he settle in, would he make friends, will he be happy? He was more than fine…no tears the first day (he had been at nursery since 10 months old) and being one of the oldest in his class, school did not phase him. My second daughter soon followed in her brother’s footsteps, 2 years later. Again, like with our son, there were no tears from her on the first day…Hubby took her in and they have a photo together taken on the first day by the teacher, Daddy so proud and baby girl full of excitement to be at big school. And now finally our youngest, our baby is about to start big school in a week…she so excited finally reaching that milestone…are we nervous or worried? No, we know she will be fine and if she isn’t she has big bro and sis to support her at school and mummy and daddy to support her at home.


What times do you remember from your moments of motherhood, please comment…I’ll love to know.
Vanessa xoxo

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