Working mum life

Working Mum Life – Mantras

Hope you are all having a lovely day and week. Here are a few of my mantras that I use from time to time:

  1. Don’t think, just do
  2. Take care of what you own
  3. Everyday is a fresh start- be a bit different, be completely different, be no different – you choose
  4. Life is what is happening at this moment – slow down
  5. When in doubt, leave it out
  6. Don’t judge others, justify for others, or be jealous of others
  7. In a recent retweet by Dr Phil – you are raising adults not children – my job as a parent is to love, nurture, and teach my children to be independent, caring, self sufficient
  8. From my own childhood and something my mum would say to me. God gave you a brain, use it…
  9. Before you get married have both eyes open, when you get married close one eye.
  10. My newest one in 2016 is start before you are ready!

Vanessa xoxo

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