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How to be productive or Not….

Now I have been seeing a lot of videos and reading blog posts on how to be more productive. And at first I thought yes I need to know this, I need to work out how I can fit even more into my already packed day…so I was studiously taking notes on what I could do different and yes I have learnt a thing or two. However it wasn’t until I was relaying to a colleague at work my weekend activities that she said to me…”my goodness you do fit a lot into your weekends….your constantly on the go!” I thought about it and she had a point, I am always on the go, before work, at work, at home in the evenings and on the weekend! But hey I can handle it I’m being productive, right?

So last weekend when I was making use of every minute of the weekend to do something (housework, kids activity, cook, plan for the week ahead) and realised that the first time I had to rest (minus sleeping on Saturday night) was finally sitting down at 9pm on Sunday, I was so exhausted I wanted to cry. And Hubby does help with chores, but just not in the timely fashion I would always like and sometimes just doing it myself to get the job done is the route I often take, but to my detriment. On Monday morning, I could barely get out of bed for work and was so tired it hurt to sit up right. It took 3 cups of coffee  and lots of sugar to get me going!….what am I doing to myself!


Now I am being productive to a point and can manage to fit a whole lot of stuff in the two days called the weekend…but nothing is scheduled for me to unwind after a full week of work, child rearing and housekeeping. Hence I am always on the go…and do you know what happens to people who are always on the go – They crash and burn! I don’t that want, my family do not want that, my work does not want that! So bullocks to productivity, planning, scheduling every moment of your day…welcome to having a day off, having a day in pjs and the kids watching TV, playing in there rooms, or generally entertaining themselves! Mummy needs some well deserved me time and not just once in a while but at least a few hours every week (Saturday or Sunday) I don’t mind…but it is the only thing that will be scheduled in my calendar weekly! Hubby, we both work and we both care for the kids, but if you want to be happy in your marriage…your wife needs to be off duty and children and father time will be scheduled in to provide that for her! There are to be no complaints, moaning, renegotiating…if we all intend to maintain our sanity then this is non-negiotiable.


After my first Pj day on Sunday in a long time…I went to bed feeling relaxed, accomplished and  positive about my week ahead…because this working mummy had the energy to deal with what ever would come her way!


Now that is the supermum way of doing things, don’t you think! Have a wonderful day everyone! Vanessa xx

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