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Procrastination, self doubt and over thinking…

Are the killer of dreams! And that is what I have been doing a lot of over the last few weeks I have been over thinking everything, especially with my blog and YouTube videos. I have been doubting my abilities. I believe I spoke about this before in one my videos (Empower yourself by knowing Yourself – press here to view it).

I have been using the excuse of being tired when I get home from work to stop me from writing a blog post or filming/ editing a video. I have been procrastinating on ideas that I come up with writing and just think about the idea, with little follow through… I don’t have any real explanation of my lack of drive and determination, I know I have started a new job, but maybe this is all the more reason for me to write more and keep my creativity going. I just need to realign myself to my mantra of “Don’t think, just do” and just do it! I’m sorry everyone for the rant…but I felt that I had to get that out there…if you are in a position of wanting to do something or get something off the ground, please don’t let procrastination (which comes in many forms), self doubt or over thinking the venture weigh you down and kill your dreams…just go for it!


I have also organised myself a lot better and have written a number of posts which I am in the process of scheduling to be released on a weekly basis, this should ensure that I am regularly posting and updating you all with my stories, thoughts and life in general, so please don’t give up on me… I am still going for this.


Working Mum Life – Vanessa xxx

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