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A Letter to My Children

To My Darlings,
You are each my heart beat, my reason for being. I want the best of everything for you all. I have high hopes for you. My dreams for the future for the three of you are to be happy, joyful, enthusiastic and energetic about life. I want you to achieve far and above what I have achieved. I want you to make those right choices about friends, future partners and careers that will make you look back at your life and beam with joy and fulfillment. I want everything good in the world for you and more. I don’t want you to be afraid of failure or of taking a wrong turning, because I know that the strength of God is in you to guide you and you will be true to your soul and your true reason for being.


I know that you chose to  be part of my life and I have many lessons to learn from you as well as you have to learn from me. I think that we easily forget that children are here to teach us, as well as us teach them. I love your innocence, I love your simple enjoyment of life, I love how you make me feel when I shed all the external stresses of managing a home, career and family and am just there present in the moment, in your moments. I need to share more of those with you. I need to shed my external stresses whenever I am with you and enjoy our precious moments together.


Truth be told, raising you all is hard and definitely not a walk in the park..dealing with defiance at times, not doing as your told and for someone like me, your mummy…there is lots of mess, which is not always easy (maybe you’ll understand someday, when you have children of your own).  The arguments and the disagreements, which always needs mummy or daddy to sort out. And the sheer inquisitiveness of childhood…which is such a positive quality, but when mummy and daddy do not know all the answers it can really be frustrating when questions are asked on a continuous loop.


The shouting – mummy doesn’t mean to do all that shouting! Mummy wants to have a calm day, without losing patience and shouting. And although there is no excuse for that behaviour sometimes mummy reacts like that because:


Mummy is trying to be all things to a lot of people and sometimes mummy feels overwhelmed and tired.


Mummy puts a lot of pressure on herself to achieve a lot. This is a trait of mummy’s character, which can pop its head up from time to time, especially if mummy feels out of control.


Mummy, like you three is still a work in progress and will be a work in progress until the day I die. I am aware of some of my faults, as well as some of my qualities. All I can do is  be mindful, but not hateful of my faults they are part of me and I need to learn how to manage them.


Mummy doesn’t want to be the constant nag, but she does want you all to grow up to amazing, human beings, who contribute to the world we live in a such a positive way.
Mummy loves you very much, more than you will ever know and although you maybe in trouble or be in punishment for future mis-endeavours, never forget that I will always love you!


Love You Always and Forever,
Mummy xxx

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