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No Spending Challenge – a few months later

23rd May
Well I have nearly completed my first month of the no spending challenge and I’ve learnt a few things about myself…


I am much more tempted to shop nowadays than I ever used to be. The ease of being able to pick up your phone or iPad and just go on to your favourite online store (for me that is ASOS) and just pick what you want and buy it, has a real draw to it. For me there is an urgency to the task, a must that I have to do it there and then. And I’ve been online browsing a lot, on the tube to/ from work (before I go underground), at home when I’m bored, while kids are watching something on TV or before I go to bed!

I have also realised that for me, if I have worn an item of clothing that didn’t fit quite right or was uncomfortable, I immediately want to correct it and go online to find a something else, which will be an ideal replacement. The other day I wore a dress that didn’t fit properly and I spent my day pulling and re-adjusting the dress. So by the time I got home, I was desperate to get out of it and became obsessed with finding a replacement, which would be a better fit. I was then online for the next two days, whenever I had a spare moment, searching for the perfect fitting pencil dress. Now after adding a number of dresses to my basket and envisioning myself wearing the said items, I was put off from buying them and after 2 days of desperate searching, the urge soon subsided and I didn’t buy a thing (which actually surprised me…but I suppose posting this challenge has made me accountable).  On the other hand, I never get this desperate and need to shop when I’m wearing an outfit that fits me well and that I love. I get home feeling confident and comfortable within myself.


Lesson learned: Buy only clothes that I love how they look, fit and make me feel amazing. When I buy online I need to make sure I try it on and am completely happy with it before I decide to keep it.


Well hurrah for not buying anything for me in the first month…pat on the back!!!


16 June
Update, to the update above, which I was planning to post a few weeks ago… I have failed…fallen completely off the wagon and shopped!!


It started with me wearing a poor fitting dress again, who am I kidding a dress that was too tight and not the same dress I mentioned earlier either – is there a theme developing. So I spent another day pulling and tugging my dress and the final straw came when the dress kept constantly riding up, with every step I took – I was completely fed up. That evening hubby and I were also kid free, so had planned to meet in Covent Garden, London for dinner and drinks after work. I was very early to our rendezvous – carefully coordinated, of course, so I could window shop! And that is exactly what I did and more. Suddenly I needed new trousers, a dress and shoes, (shoes were not quite on my list but with over 70% off – from £85 down to £20 for leather court shoes, they were hard to resist).


And of course it didn’t end there I needed more… and ended up buying a new work bag – not that a leather-look backpack is your typical corporate work bag…but I’m loving it all the same!


Okay, I haven’t been completely foolish and part of this reckless spending was encouraged by the fact that I had received more money in my second payslip (due to working a full month), compared to my first pay which missed a few days (I started my new job a few days into April).   Hence with the additional financial incentive  I thought, “hey, why not I do need some better fitting clothes” i.e. my tight dresses, which weren’t that tight last year, just aren’t working anymore…And I wonder why they are a tight all of a sudden? No it isn’t baby No.4, I’ve just put on weight…due to my increasing sugar addiction, which I am currently dealing with, but that is another blog post, which will be coming soon.


So there you have it – the truth- I broke my promise after 1 month, how flaky am I!! But I’m human after all and a female one at that…my loves outside of my family and career are (clothes, chocolate and sweet tea)!! Do I really want to quit on what I love? Am I going to try again and quit clothes shopping – I’m not sure. But I am definitely going to be more sensible and only buy and keep the things I love and that fit my body!

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