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Working Mum Life

Top Tips for remaining calm in an Interview

I think as a final summary to my job and interviews posts, I have listed below key points that help me remain calm in an interview setting. I’ve had a lot of experience of interviews both as an interviewer and interviewee, so hopefully I can impart a few words of wisdom on the subject:

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working mum - No Spending

No Spending Challenge – a few months later

23rd May
Well I have nearly completed my first month of the no spending challenge and I’ve learnt a few things about myself…


I am much more tempted to shop nowadays than I ever used to be. The ease of being able to pick up your phone or iPad and just go on to your favourite online store (for me that is ASOS) and just pick what you want and buy it, has a real draw to it. For me there is an urgency to the task, a must that I have to do it there and then. And I’ve been online browsing a lot, on the tube to/ from work (before I go underground), at home when I’m bored, while kids are watching something on TV or before I go to bed!

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Be Mum you want to be - working mum life

Be the mum you want to be.

Do you feel that since you had a child/children there is always someone telling you how you should be doing it! – advice on what you are feeding your children, how you are holding them, how you are entertaining them, your general parenting style – blah blah…Now as long as you are caring for, feeding (healthy foods of course) and showing your child love and generally meeting their emotional and health needs then you and them are all good…right!

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