Tidy Spotless Home…really!!!

Do you stare enviously at those beautiful homes you see in the magazines, on TV, Pinterest, YouTube, where it is spotless, everything has a place and is in its place. The design is stunning… Then, You look up at your home and….why are all those toys chucked over there..why hasn’t hubby cleared up his things…or his special “chill out” corner looks disgusting…who left that mug there? Oh it was me…when I was chasing the kids up to bed last night and then couldn’t be bothered to come back down to clear up and just ended up pouring a glass of wine and taking that up to bed with me instead…

In all reality this is generally my day to day life. I try most evenings to clear the stuff left out and although I may succeed with keep a room/ few rooms tidy..I can miss spots or even whole rooms depending on how tired I am…I struggle with a messy home the most, as I am naturally a very organised and tidy person, I feel calmer and more at ease when my environment is clear, not too cluttered and everything has a place to go. I have always been like this from a child and remember at one stage I even categorised my books on my bookshelf as if it was a library, with labels on the spine (if only I knew what I was thinking back then…a child’s mind hey!). In summary I have some OCD tendencies…


However, having and raising kids – has a way of throwing your best laid plans out the window and no matter how much you want your home to be “show home” worthy at all times. It can’t possible be, unless you are running around after the kids endlessly, moaning at them to tidy up and pick up after themselves and who else makes mess. I can’t do that and do not want to do that. I’m teaching my children to pick up after themselves and put their toys away, but sometimes in the rush of getting out the house in the morning or getting the kids to bed (especially on a school night)…I have to let it goes sometimes.


Now I have systems or routines (see my routines v spontaneity post) in place to help me keep my home tidy…but sometimes I have to really just let it go..as my mum says to me all the time “Vanessa you have got 3 children”…aka calm down and just relax. Your house will be a mess sometimes…and on occasions I can cope with this, however on others I can’t. Now I have read numerous books on house organisation, tidying up, I even bought and read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life changing magic of tidying up” (which had some novel ideas).  However, what I have discovered with all this reading is that there are no hidden secrets that we don’t know about, everything about tidying, keeping a lovely home has been written or told numerous times, but what I failed to realise and what doesn’t always register is that this is a home, a real home with real people living together…children will be messy at times, or all the time ( I know I was a weird child who liked to categorise my books, but not all kids are like that), husbands and wives don’t always see eye to eye on tidiness, even the ultra tidy-upper “me” can forget to put things away and awake to a messy home. I don’t have the energy to run around after everyone…I am trying to teach my little ones to pick up after themselves and remind hubby of this too…but I am one person in a house of five. Most of the time I’ve learned to keep my side of the bargain and keep my stuff tidy and put away ( Hopefully they can also learn from example).


This post is about giving yourself a break with wanting to keep a spotless, super tidy home always. With kids and an active life, working, caring for others, this isn’t always possible…and we just need to learn to accept that, because I certainly need too.

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