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No Spending Challenge!!!

I’m not happy about doing this challenge I really don’t want to do at all and wish it wasn’t something that was even on my radar. I’m a grown woman who works hard, earns her own money…why do I have to stop spending on myself? I deserve to buy what I want, I’ve worked hard enough for it! And it is precisely that attitude that has got me here.

Now in the last year or so our household has seen a bit more financial freedom due to two of our children now being at school and nursery fees reducing. After a few job promotions for hubby and I….we’re rolling in money -wink wink (yeah right…but thought it sounded cool and set the ambience). After years of not being able to afford much (nursery fees In London are extortionate and requires an extra mortgage), and now I kinda have my figure back from having my third child and am enjoying dressing up for work…out stepped my shopping demon…


Luckily I’m not in debt (yet!) and have managed to identify the problem before it has gotten too out of control, but I have done some damage with my savings due to my over spending. I have also started to get that feeling of dread when the credit card is through the door (what! How much did I spend this month!). So I have to stop spending and I want to rediscover, my sensible self and manage my hard earned money better, without spending unnecessarily.


Some background on me and my money habits,  I am good at devising a budget and pay all my bills on time. I save a set amount every month (sounds real sensible right …umm…there is more)…I used to check my bank account regularly and make sure that I was still with in budget weekly…but there is a big BUT… I have always loved clothes, accessories, make up and pre children use to love to go to the shops and look around (not always buy…okay buy sometimes…okay, okay buy a lot).  I now have 3 kids, a busy job, a home to manage and don’t have time to wander around the shops for fun (also they say window shopping is all too tempting). My compromise, since having children – just shop online, late at night when the kids are in bed, when I’m tired and my ability to make a sensible decision is non-existent (can you start to see the issue). I see all these lovely items and I want them now, in the basket they go. Hey did I really just proceed through checkout…it’s coming in 2 days…yeah! (Does this sound familiar to anyone? Have I got a shopping addiction?).


Fortunately, I’ve recently had a complete wardrobe overhaul (see my touch of glamour post)  so don’t have a wardrobe cramped full of clothes, but I am near the tipping point and I find myself looking at clothes online out of boredom now or recieve items that I have forgotten I ordered  and hence not wanting it anymore (seems I didn’t love it as much as I first thought)…basically I’m at the start of a very slippery slope to shopping addiction and yes, I have to STOP NOW!


Listen to this, I’ve also braved it and told my husband the truth about my spending, why oh why I hear you ask, tell your man you over shop!….I think it was to get some accountability and after a very long lecture from Mr sensible spender (hubby) and after a day of me sulking like a teenager…I’m glad I did.


So can I go 3 months or longer without spending money on myself by buying new clothes/ shoes / accessories that I don’t need? Well that is the big question? I am allowed to replace essential items if they wear out etc, but I can’t buy another white shirt if I already have 3…no matter how beautiful, different it might look etc.


I am by no means happy with this challenge, I still want the freedom to do what I want with my money, but since that freedom is what got me in trouble in the first place…this challenge is non-negotiable …and a very small part of me hopes with this shopping ban I learn some self restraint for the future and manage my money better going forward! I’ll post monthly updates. It will probably be monthly moaning sessions that I p’ed off that I can’t buy what I want and I work so hard…blah blah blah..if that is the a case I give you permission to comment and remind of this challenge and to tell me to grow the hell up!!

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