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How I Stay Creative.

What kills your creative mojo?

Now I am on a new creative journey with my blog…and actually loving it. Not only do I enjoy the final product of an entertaining post for people to read, but relish the process from idea, to putting words on to paper – making them connect and flow into an enjoyable read. Although, I am new to the world of blogging and YouTube, I’ve have many years of experience with factual writing in my job (in the form of weekly, monthly reports) and know some tricks that you have to do in order to apply yourself to start and then complete the task.

I have also come to realise there are a few things that I can do which encourages my creativity, whilst there are other things that will just build mental blocks within me and stop me from even starting or finishing anything.


1. Worrying too much…
..about what other people will think of you – Everyone has a voice and a story to tell…you need to write for yourself and not others. What would you like to read, hear or see? You may worry that you will run out of ideas, or that no one wants hear what you have to say, but I put this down to fear sabotaging you from doing what you love doing.


For some, there is a lot of trial and error in discovering your creative outlet, if you try something and it isn’t what you love and it seems like too much hard work then it probably isn’t for you, no matter how badly you wish it was and if that is the case then just move on to the next idea/ creative venture.


2. Don’t think about it too much
I find that once I have an idea it is always better if I get pen to paper quite soon after, otherwise I will forget the idea or just not get around to writing something. I have realised that if I just write with out thinking too much, just letting the words flow out, then I always feel better. Sometimes it feels like I absolutely must get my idea out on paper and once I have, I feel at peace and relaxed…it doesn’t matter how bad your first draft looks as long as you have something on the paper it is such a relief …because the beauty of the project is in the editing.


If I think and think and think about it, I become obsessed with how I’m going to do it and what the end product will look like. I then over inflate the task to such a big deal and make it even more difficult to get started….My advice is Don’t Think, Just Do!


3. Not focusing wholly on the task in hand.
My mindfulness training  (aka guided meditation) is teaching me to be better at this, but I find if you just focus only on what you need to do, do not think much be beyond that and and just let the creativity flow, ideally without distractions, then you have hit the creative jackpot. However I am blogging in a busy family environment, during moments where I can catch a minute or two to note something down. I do get disturbed alot, at times I get so fed up I just think why am I bothering. However I have noticed that if I get disturbed and I am starting to lose my focus or concentration or am getting anxious, stressed. Then it is better that I close my iPad and just deal with what is disturbing me and when the time is right get back on to the writing (usually when I’m on the train to work or kids are sleep). This method also means that I have to sometimes go through the pain of trying to get back my focus.
Consistency and dedication are the key to creating. Just keep doing what you are doing, the more you do, and practice  – then the more you will grow your talent.


4. Getting stuck – Come back to areas you may find difficult
I do this all the time and it is something that I was taught to do, when sitting an exam. If any particular question is hard, just skip over it and then comeback to it once you have answered all the others that you have an immediate answer. I find this works for me with writing. I will write the section that flows the easiest first, this may be the end or the beginning or the middle. In draft it really doesn’t matter what It looks like. Once I have written the easy parts then I go back to those sections that might need more thinking about and more time. And if I am still not overflowing with inspiration then I will just write anything just to start, (it can be complete nonsense) but it is a start, a bit like a warm up before a workout.


Also, at times you need a break and should step away from the screen and do something completely different. Remember, just because you are not completely focused on it doesn’t mean that your mind isn’t processing and creating in the background. I use to believe that if you didn’t spend every hour of every day thinking about your wants – planning it, visualising it, It will never happen. I know now that the mind is a much greater power when left alone, given rest and allowed to focus on something else for a while. After which it will show you what it really can do!


5. Not allowing yourself to be inspired…
By watching hours of mindless TV, not reading books (for me fiction novels), taking in and over analysing negative comments/ feedback from others. These are my biggest creative mojo killers, which am ashamed to say sometimes I actively seek to do, especially if I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, hence another form of self sabotage.


I hope you enjoyed the read and it would be great to know how you do it? What keeps you inspired and creating? What do know you shouldn’t do as it just drags you down emotionally and blocks your creatively… but you still do sometimes!

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