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Hello…I’m still here!

It feels so strange writing for my blog on the train after doing nothing but work on the journey to and from work over the last two weeks.

Firstly I must apologise for my tardiness over the last few weeks and not publishing on my usual timetable of Wednesday and Sunday. To be honest my new job has overwhelmed me with the level of work required. Most of my day at work is filled am to pm with meetings and to get my work done I have to do it outside of the working day in the evenings/ mornings, journey to and from work. This crazy schedule, three kids and a home to look after, hasn’t left me with much time to write for my blog.


Well the other morning when I was up at 4am catching up on work (yes I’m up even earlier…please don’t judge…sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do…). Well, I was up at the crack of dawn and I thought to myself what am I doing, I know that I have deadlines etc but how much of what I enjoy doing am I going to sacrifice? I love mediation and exercise in the morning, I loving writing for my blog and also making YouTube videos. This is all on the side as I also have a home to take care of and the shared responsibility of raising children. Work is important to me and so is my career, but I have to start as I mean to go on. And this isn’t the way.


So my pact to myself and you all of you reading this is that I will not neglect what I love doing. I will make this work with my new demanding job and I’m not going to quit my blog and writing!  However I will have to make a few adjustments, like changing my timetable of publishing and only publishing once a week. I’m yet to decide whether that will be a Wednesday or Sunday. However for this coming week, you will be treated to my last Sunday and Wednesday posting. I have missed this and sharing my view of the world and my life with all of you!


If any of you are overwhelmed at the moment, how do you manage to get back to what you enjoy doing and find some level of normality in your life? Are you like me and realise that there are certain things you are not willing to stop. You might bend a little, but all in all it is non- negotiable and here to stay!

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