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Prepare Your Morning the Night Before…

I was inspired to write this post, whilst I was on a holiday from work, before I started my new job. During that time I was off work with the kids who were on Easter holiday and I figured I could take a break from everything, including my morning routine (I wanted to laze around in the morning and stay up late with hubby watching TV – hubby is a late sleeper)…however I soon realised that my productivity and mood suffered. Light bulb moment – my morning routine isn’t just something I should do before work, it is something I should do all the time as it helps shape my day.

For me a good morning starts the night before with what I listen to, watch and read just before going to bed. How is it for you? Have you taken time out to notice your personal patterns and what works for you, what dampens or enhances your mood for the morning after


Well after a lot of trial and error I have notice that for me, my mood and productivity for my morning and day is improved tenfold (even if I haven’t had my full 7-7.5 hours sleep) when I:


1. Read a good book (fiction or self help? It really depends on my mood). Sometimes I love reading in the bath…but this has not been as easy since I moved to reading from a kindle…as I don’t want it to drop in the bath…


2. Listen to something inspirational – I do this via a podcast, YouTube or Audiobook (usually my kindle reading to me). I have to be careful with this one, because if the speaker is too full of energy and empowering then sleep will disappear for me and I will be left wide awake and ready for action. Watching or listening to a short clip of something inspirational, yet calming with positive words, works towards relaxing me for a good nights sleep. And I know that using an a electronic device right before sleep is not suppose to encourage melatonin (sleep hormone) but luckily it doesn’t bother me.


3. Watch a good film – not an episode from a series, a film with a beginning, middle and end. I find watching an interesting film which isn’t too full of adventure, gore or suspense can be a great antidote to a busy, stressful day..and relax me in the evening ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.


4. I also love to have a hot drink before bed, which according to the books should be a hot milk or a relaxing herbal tea, however I do on occasions have a cup of normal caffeinated tea before bed…which only inhibits my sleep if I’ve had a lot of caffeinated drinks during the evening (more than 3), but if I’ve had none that evening then I am fine with this caffeine fuelled drink before bed (looks like I’m breaking all the sleep rules)


5. Gentle exercise – Like a night time yoga routine. I’m loving “yoga for a deep sleep by Tara Stiles” (via YouTube), this routine is fantastic, it is like my mind and body knows that after this routine it is time to sleep, I feel myself unwinding and relaxing to a point that I’m just so excited to get into bed and close my eyes.


Now I have prepared my mind and body for sleep as well as encouraged positivity before sleep, I wake feeling happy, energised and more than enthusiastic to start my day. And my miracle morning can flow…

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