working mum - keep moving

In pursuit of a healthier me – move my body…

This for me is already part of my routine on most mornings, but even if I can’t fit in an exercise routine in my day I will incorporate being active, whilst carrying out my day to day life. With a young family I don’t have to try hard to raise my heart beat up and get my sweat on. Some of my active lifestyle habits are:

Weekly speed cleaning session in the house, which will include pushing a vacuum around ferociously up and down stairs…once you get into this and if you play music while you are doing it, you can definitely get your sweat on.

Running around after the kids – in the house, in the garden, at the park or just trying to catch them if they run off in the shops…

Playing a game with the kids – this could be as simple as a game of catch, piggy in the middle, anything that has you and them running around.

Walking up stairs – I used to do this once a day when I first stated my previous job, i would walk up 100 plus steps to the fifth floor (and be panting for breath when I got to the top). However more recently (last 6 months or so) I can only bring myself to walk down them and I let the lift do the hard work with carrying me back up.

Walking instead of taking the car – Sometimes (especially in the summer) I prefer to walk, instead of jumping on the bus or in the car. I love being outside when it is beautiful outside and I love walking. I would walk to the local supermarket on the high road, if I know that I will not be carrying a heavy load back or going out for a walk during a lunch break at work. It gets your body moving after sitting at a desk for hours and the fresh air and sun – mood enhancing.

How would you keep active, if exercise wasn’t part of your day?

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