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In pursuit of a healthier me – Drinking more water

I had a body analysis done nearly a year ago. It was really interesting what my calorie intake should be and surprisingly it was less than 2000 (which is what is recommended daily amount for women) and was about 1800. They also measured my muscle mass and body fat percentage. From all this information I was told that most areas were within the normal range but I had water retention and guess what solves water retention? Drinking more water…

I should drink 2-3 litres of water a day and for a good few months after the tests I drank my daily portion of water, by guzzling down 1 litre bottles, 3 times a day (usually 1 hour before a meal). This method worked for a while. But have you ever drank a litre of water in one go…It is crazy, fills you up in a bloated way (not nice), although it helped me eat less, being so obviously full. So, although I had found a way to drink my 3 litres it was hard work. As you guessed, it didn’t last long and I have fallen out of the habit of drinking water. How do I get it back? Any suggestions?

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