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Clean your house in an hour…Really??

Really, do these things work? I must admit I am a sucker for titles like this on Pinterest. I open them up with such enthusiasm and anticipation…holding my breath as if I am going to find the golden chalice….how do I do it? How do I clean my house in 1 hour? I will then be able to fit it in my schedule and not have to Ooh and Aah about the additional cost of getting a cleaner…I can spare 1 hour a week to clean my house. …so let me begin..

Step one – start from top to bottom..okay I can do that I will dust the higher surfaces first and then the lower one…. Easy Peesey, sorted I can do that…Next

6 minutes per bedroom to strip beds and remake, clear clutter, dust all surfaces…WTF!!! Has this person got kids or a husband? Are they a super speed cleaner? 6 minutes to do all that? Now I am one for a challenge but 6 minutes I don’t think I could strip the beds and remake in that time, let alone the rest. My son is a lover of Lego and all his creations are on display for all to see… 6 mins…I’m in shock! However not to be deterred I will take this to 15/20 mins, which is a bit of a push, to strip and remake beds, Clear clutter (I.e. Dump in the closest basket, wardrobe etc and dust with a feather duster (my favourite dusting short cut…as it means I don’t have all that Lego to lift and wipe). My total 1 hour all bedrooms!

7 minutes per bathroom – well I try to clean the master bathroom daily and that probably takes 7- 10mins a day! Kids bathroom, will take a bit longer maybe 15mins, because I don’t do daily. I will have to time it next time to be sure…kinda agree with this one as long as you clean your bathroom regularly and don’t have too much clutter on surfaces. I have near zero clutter out and what I do have its in plastic containers, which is easier to clean. My total 35mins (3 bathrooms in total)

7 minutes living room and dining room – ummm, could be doable, my living room has a lot less clutter in and apart from kids toys is quite quick to clean (of course I have my faithful feather duster). My dinning room which is adjoining my kitchen is slightly more lived in and I think may take a bit longer at times, but not all the time. I’ll give both rooms 10 mins each, totaling 20 mins (this includes clearing clutter).

Kitchen 12 mins – including loading dishwasher, wiping all surfaces and outside kitchen cupboards, appliances, stove top….OMG the person who wrote this article, must be on something or does not cook or cleans like this everyday. Don’t get me wrong I wipe my kitchen down daily, load the dishwasher frequently in the day, but this is impossible…with 3 kids and a hubby who don’t see tidy like I do…maybe there is something wrong with me…. My weekly kitchen clean takes about 30 mins if I speed clean and to hoover and mop floors it will take an additional 10mins. My total 40 mins!

All floors, 15 mins – this person is delusional…there is no way I can hoover all my floors in 15mins…I’ve got two sets of stairs to go up firstly….well this is the reason I love my robot hoover…because while I cuddled on the sofa with hubby it is vacuuming and mopping my kitchen and dining room floor; while I’m in the bath relaxing with candles and a glass of wine it is cleaning up the living room. I can even set it, to do the bedrooms as long as the floor is clear of toys and it won’t fall down the stairs. It is my ultimate helper! However I still have to drag the main vacuum out to clean the stairs and when I last did the whole house the manual way (without the dear robot) it took me about 40mins plus. So 15mins is a false prophecy unless you have a more compact home! My total 40 mins.

In reality, in terms of my home, having 3 children and a not as tidy as me hubby, I don’t have an extremely minimalistic abode or a very clutter one, but seriously 1 hour is completely ridiculous time frame to clean my home and it would take me the best part of 3 and half hours to do a complete top to bottom clean….. So with all it’s false hope this article isn’t really helping to encourage me… It is actually putting pressure on me to achieve an un-achievable standard…Do I have 3 1/2 hours each week to clean my house from top to bottom – No… Do I want to spend that long on cleaning after a week of work and child rearing- Not really! What I am I going to do about it? Learn to live in a bit of dirt and messiness as not everything will be clean all at once! I split cleaning over certain days, doing what I can! Delegate duties to family members – kids have to dust their own rooms (with dusting wipes); make up their own beds ( yes my three year is encouraged to make her own bed, with my help); hubby and robot Hoover can vacuum the whole house!! Or I can admit defeat and get a cleaner!!!!

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