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My Miracle Morning…

This is my newest habit, I have only recently heard about it through a YouTube inspirational talk given by Hal Elrod (the person behind the miracle morning) and it is changing me already! It is set of rituals that you apply to your everyday morning routine, which empowers you with confidence and creativity, to go forward with your day, armed with a positive attitude and a sense of achievement….

I was doing a few of these things already, like exercise and meditation, so there was no harm adding a few more…on to my already busy morning! But in reality the additional rituals do not take that long or I do them whilst doing something else, i.e.  my affirmations – before I get out of bed or while in the shower. Anyway by this time, I was sold on the idea of the miracle morning and it benefits…so of course I would go all the way…

The principles of the Miracle Morning are listed under the acronym “SAVERS” below:


S – Silence (Meditation/Prayer, for mindfulness). I do Headspace App for 10mins


A- Affirmations – I do my “I am that, I am” meditation for 5 mins. I usually do this before I get out of bed, (just lie there repeating my “I Ams”) or while I am in the shower.


V- Visualisation –  I visual how I want my day to be and what I want to achieve from it. Again I can do this while in the shower or brushing my teeth etc.


E – Exercise – I was doing this for about 10-15 mins most days, but now I am doing PIYO (a beachbody workout), it has extended to 20-30 mins.


R – Read – This is to read something inspirational, just a few pages will do.


S – Scribe – This can be anything that will help your day and could include writing 3 things you are grateful for every morning.


I have been doing this for a few weeks now, and when I complete the “Miracle Morning” I feel amazing! Even after I have gotten the kids up and left for work I know I have done so much for me…and that alone is inspiring and giving me a level of enthusiasm that pushes me through the rest of my day with joy. This is a high priority for me and I notice the difference when I don’t do it (although subtle I just do not feel as energised), so for me, it does work!


I have looked on Hal Elrod’s site (http://halelrod.com/6-minute-miracle-morning/) and there is a quick 6 min version, which I have summarised below, so maybe you could give it a try without the huge time commitment. I will definitely do this quick version, if I am pushed for time…


Minute One… (Silence) – Sit for the first minute in silence

Minute Two… (Affirmations) – This could be your daily affirmations

Minute Three… (Visualization) – Visualise your goals, your day.

Minute Four… (Scribing) – Keep a journal with what your grateful for, proud of etc, to help you feel confident and empowered.

Minute Five… (Reading) – Read your self-help book, learn a new idea, be inspired.

Minute Six… (Exercise) – Finally, you stand up and you spend the last minute, doing jumping jacks for 60 seconds.

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