Career or Family?… I want Both!

I am definitely one of those people that enjoys new challenges, and specifically the challenge brought on by change. One of the areas in my life that I create a lot of change is with jobs, which I change quite frequently (every two years or so). I am due to start a new job soon and although I am very excited by the new challenges I will face in the new role. I am also quite anxious….

I have noticed that since I’ve had children every time I start a new job, I am more nervous and anxious. I worry about my new role and my family life fit… Are they going to be flexible with my working hours? Will I be able to continue my working from home day? How will I cope with the additional responsibility – as most of my job moves have been a career progression. Ultimately my concerns are around whether  “I can actually cope with this career progression as a mum?


I don’t know why I worry because past experience has shown me that I can manage my jobs with children and it actually has made me more efficient with my time. I have become very good at focusing in on what work needs to be priortised and when, so I use my time wisely and effectively. In addition, I always ask after the interview, once I have the job offer about flexibility in the role and working from home one day a week. So why am I still anxious?


In a recent article in the independent newspaper – “Working mums: over half of British mothers think their children prevent them from getting a better job” (link to the article here)


Has helped me clarify my thinking and where this anxiety may be coming from…I am subconsciously doing what over 50% of mothers in the UK are doing with thinking that my children may prevent me from getting a better job… Although I am applying for the opportunities and getting them…a small part of me is worried that being a mum would prevent me from keeping these roles.


I am proud of myself for achieving half of the battle and going for what I want…I just need to recognise that nothing ventured nothing gained. If I am in that role and the demands of the job go beyond what I am willing to do…then I can move again…I can change jobs to something less demanding or move to a different company (granted I work in London, where there are a lot of job opportunities..but that shouldn’t put you off, looking for jobs).  And also if you do some of your prep work before starting with the job you will have an idea as to whether that company/role is the right fit for you and your family…


I suppose we can either assume that having children is preventing our career moving forward or can prove it is not by going for those opportunities. Even if we get held back in one field, there is nothing stopping us mums from tweaking our dream slightly and achieving in an industry where we are appreciated for the amazing skills we can bring.


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