Loving my Perfect “Real” Life

As a young girl I dreamt about meeting my Prince Charming (after I had the job of my dreams of course) being swept off my feet and carried off into the sunset…only to appear 9 months later with a bouncing baby (as a kid it would only have been girls for me…considering how girly I was)…and my life would be perfect from then on..all Pink candy floss, Care Bears, hearts and kisses…

However, life isn’t a fairy tale. Your dream job isn’t there waiting for you and you end up working in a few nightmarish jobs (character building roles) before you get a hint of something you like. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince and once your rose coloured specs are off, your prince although very lovely..has faults you may wish were never revealed to you, let alone live with them (not that you are without faults). That bouncing baby that gives you so much joy most of the time is the cause of great sleep deprivation, which leads to arguments  about everything and I mean literally everything…you add another one/two babies into the mix and we have a battlefield – of craziness, exhaustion, pretending to sleep when a child wakes at night, a beyond thinking level of noise – laughter, tears, fighting and everything in between. Parenthood is the good, the bad and the ugly all coming together in your home…it isn’t a perfect life, but a real life!

Our children will grow up with stories to tell of their childhood, of our parenting do’s and don’ts that they will take into their future. They will dream of their own perfect life! In a way, it is like Santa Claus the beauty of the dream is while you believe it. And although real life will ground you, don’t let it take away the key elements of your perfect life dream, which for me was and still is to be in a loving relationship, building a family unit, have an amazing life experience with my husband and children, growing with them, teaching them and learning from them.


I know that a perfect life without upset, bumps in the road, stresses is not possible, but my perfect “real” life with all of that, is now my new dream and I plan to keep this dream alive, working at it everyday. What does your perfect real life look like?

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