replenish your energy - Happy Mother's Day

Replenish Your Energy – Happy Mother’s Day!!

Do you ever hit a wall? It is a bit like in “my make hay while the sun shines” post…I do too much on top of working, managing kids and home… Like having a lot of evenings out/ being busy at work/ going to bed too late (like my last few weeks – see Mum about Town Post). After a few weeks of busy-ness… I suddenly hit a wall and just can’t do anymore physically. I end up having to spend an afternoon on the sofa, doing nothing and watching TV with kids (sorry not always the active mum after all). It seems that my body and mind has this automatic slow down switch…which kicks into gear when I’ve been over doing it and actually forces me to take it easy for while, just to replenish my energy again. The issue is when I ignore this feeling and continue to be just as busy, then it just gets worse and worse…usually resulting in me becoming run down and getting migraines, colds, sore throats, whatever is going around.


Does this mean that my soul, mind and body are attuned to one another? They work together to protect me from me…and practically shut me down, when I try to over scheduled/ over accomplish and be some crazy “super mum”… Well whatever it is, hitting a wall works for me…it forces me to…take heed, slow down, stop and relax!


Please all mums, remember you are person too and you need to replenish your energies and look yourself as well. Perhaps, I need to listen to my own advice better and not wait until I hit a wall before I take time out for me…Also we shouldn’t just wait for a day like today “Mother’s Day” to take some time out for ourselves and we should try to incorporate some energy replenishing time within our week.


My favourite things to do to replenish my energy are:
  • Take a long hot bath – usually with a glass of wine…
  • Relax and watch your favourite film – I love doing this in the evening (once the kids are in bed) and snuggle on the sofa or bed…
  • Relax and read a good book – again I love doing this wrapped up under my covers…
  • Give your self a at home pamper session (if you are not too tired) – Put on a face mask, do a mani/pedi-care..
  • And finally – just have an early night (something I am still working on)


What are some of your favourite things to do to replenish your energy?

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