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Mum About Town

The last few weeks have been a blur of social activity with friends visiting from overseas, going out for dinner & drinks.
I even had the pleasure of a “full kid free day out” to London Fashion Weekend at the Saatchi Gallery, on the Kings Road with some friends on Saturday. This was a great day, where we indulged in good food, prosecco, a runway show, make up and shopping – for a girlie girl like me this was heaven…with pink bubbles…

In the span of a few weeks all my routines have gone to pot, our mornings have been crazy, unorganised and chaotic. And most evenings I’ve gone to bed…exhausted at a later hour than is appropriate for a work night.
In some ways it has been like old times..out with friends, having a laugh (apart from hubby being on extended babysitting duties).  And it wasn’t only about me, my kids also joined in the fun with a joint sleep over on a weekend with my bff and her little one… It was happy times for all.
Now everyone has gone home and my over indulgent socialising has come to an end. My house is a mess and chores have pulled up. Am I stressed? Well truth be told, maybe there is a small part of me that wants to be organised and top of it all… But there is a greater part of me, that realises that this is what it is all about – living life as it happens and enjoying those special moments with family and friends…also I think I need to sleep for a week before I can tackle anything in the house, all that socialising has really taken it out of me.

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