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I’m on trend…Whoop whoop!

Sorry for all of you that like my more insightful posts, but I am so excited I had to post about this…

I have become obsessed about a new bag that I have recently bought. It is from the Leather Satchel Company, which I got in the sale on the ASOS website. I love the fact that it is a sleek black leather and has such a minimal look. When I received it, I agonised over the fact that it is so small at 23cm/9″ in width.  It fits my purse (with some manipulation), my phone, lip balm/lipstick, a small mirror, keys and few well needed small items, but nothing more.
As mothers we get into the habit of carrying a large bag (well I know that I did), to fit all the crap that we end up carrying – what belongs to us, kids and even hubby gives me stuff!! My children are no longer babies, so I don’t need to carry nappies and the extra clothes etc, but their stuff has moved on to the much needed colour pencils, paper, books and the few toys that escape the house with child, when we are going out and about. So, how do I justify the use of such a small bag in my mum life?


My new bag is too small for work, as I carry even more crap for myself to work and it doesn’t fit my Ipad, which is a must in my commute to work (it provides me with so much entertainment!)


So have I managed to find a niche for my new bag? Yes – I’m making it work for me, as I love it so much! I use it to do the school run on my working from home days; when I take the kids swimming lessons and if I am just popping out…Actually on any occasion I can justify leaving all the extras at home and just bringing the essentials, (sorry kids you will have to actually carry your own toys, from now on!)


Then I found out when I was reading “Stylist” magazine, (which is a free style magazine given out in London), that I am on point with Tiny Handbag Trend of s/s 2016 (s/s – means spring/summer)…Whoop Whoop…I’m officially fashionable! Sorry I just had to put that out there… Have a great day everyone!

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