What’s the time Mr Wolf – Exercise Time!

I wake up at the crack of dawn to fit in a few things for myself before my kids wake. One thing is exercise. I realised that after baby number two, getting to the gym, when I went back to work, was a logistical nightmare. I couldn’t go before work, pre 6am as most gyms were closed. And most evenings when hubby got home from work, I would be too hungry or just too exhausted to go. It was excuse after excuse, something had to change!  Thank goodness for fitness DVDs (I had always been a fan of these since a teenager), YouTube and more recently fitness apps (I love sworkit). I could schedule my fitness around my day. So after a lot of trial and error I have finally settled on working out first thing in the morning at 5am-ish.
Some days (who am kidding most days) it is hard waking up and getting out of bed at that hour before work, 4-5 days a week to do exercise, whilst everyone else is still in bed.
However once I am up and especially after I have done my exercise then I feel great. I feel like I have accomplished so much. Recently I have added to the routine with meditation for 10 mins, pre exercise, which with the physically activity really sets my mind for the many challenges I will be facing in the day. By the time the kids are up, I’m full of energy and so excited to get going with my day


It will be great to hear from you, how do you exercise? When do you fit it in? And if you don’t, but would like to, what is stopping you?
Oh, by the way, the title to this post is a reference to a children’s game, I used to love to play called “What’s the time Mr Wolf”. One child would face the wall, with their back to the other children and all the other children would say “Whats the time Mr Wolf” and child would say a number e.g. “2 o’clock” all kids would step forward 2 steps and it would go on like this until Mr Wolf said dinner time and would then chase all the other kids until they got one. If my explanation is poor, check out this video, that I found on YouTube of some children playing the game.


  • JJ

    18th February 2016

    Hi, funny I have had the same debate in my head re exercise, I used to play 5-aside football up to about a year ago but our team folded – all having babies! There aren’t many women’s leagues out there and most are now full. My husband is a keen squash player we belong to our local tennis & squash club so next plan is to play tennis, the when is the joy of my job share and the girls soon to be both attending nursery for 2 afternoons a week so I will get a 2x pw a 2hour window, all I need to do is find someone to play with at the club at that exact time each week! Forget gyms – so boring. My working mum friends do Youtube work outs/gym I feel I need to be with others playing or it just doesn’t happen. Love the blog btw! We regularly play ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ I recall it from my childhood too.

    • workingmumlife


      18th February 2016

      Hi Jj, thank you for the comments. It is always hard trying to fit in exercise into the day..YouTube seems to be the saviour for most of us it seems. So glad you like the blog, Keep reading and share with other mums. Vanessa


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