What highly effective people do before 8am…(That’s us mums right!)

I have been doing a lot of reading on waking up at 5am and what the world’s highly successful people do before 8am. I am not going to lie, I try to wake up at 5am,  during the week, before work and to be honest it works, you can fit a lot in for yourself before the kids wake (if you are lucky not to have the little ones wake with you). I have time to exercise, meditate and chill out for a while before my household wakes at about 6.30am and that time out does me the world of good. I go to work calmer and I feel like I have achieved so much, before the day has even began. On the days that my kids wake before 6am, they just wander downstairs and usually join me in my exercising etc, which can be distracting (especially when they are screaming for breakfast and your mid-meditation) but I have got kids after all.

My problem is that I am very bad at going to bed early most nights and on the weekends/holidays I automatically revert back to my old pattern of going to bed way too late (because obviously I’m not at work and deserve to lie in). Although I’m fooling myself thinking a lie in is possible (silly mummy), because usually I am woken at 6/6.30am by my youngest darling, jumping on us and screaming in our ears “it’s morning time! Wake up, it’s morning time!”.  This usually leaves me in a grumpy mood and I can’t be bothered to exercise or meditate (especially when a 3 year old is sitting underneath your downward dog yoga pose).

My question is, how do I stay consistent and go to bed early enough, so that I get the sleep I need. For me that is about 7 hours sleep, although I can’t be sure, as I am so undisciplined with bed times. In the evenings when the kids have gone to bed I want to do everything (watch TV with hubby, read, Pinterest, talk on the phone….) and obvious you can’t do all of that in your precious “me time” (prioritise I hear you say…yes, in hindsight I think that too). So I’m up ridiculously late and am burning the candle at both ends, with no recovery on weekends.  Both my fitness and meditation routine suffers and I am moody the next day!

In the dawn of 2016 I want to make a better effort to sleep earlier (maybe not 9pm, but at least 10pm or 10.30pm weeknights), to wake up bright, early and refreshed. I’ll keep you posted with how it is working out…

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