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What do your Saturdays look like?

Mine looks like a crazy rush of activities with no break in between. I get so excited for the weekend imagining an uninterrupted morning with children waking up being pleasant to one another and playing nicely in their rooms, while I can wake up slowly and relaxed….well I wake up usually with one or more climbing over me to get in the middle of the bed. If it is very early I endure 30 plus mins of movement from them, maybe a game of hide and seek under the covers or even singing! Then hubby or I lose all patience and depending on how sleep deprived we are, we will either banish them to play in their rooms or give up on sleep and get up and make breakfast…

Breastfeeding or formula feeding

Ease the pressure with – Breastfeeding…

Speaking with a friend of mine who works as a maternity nurse with private clients. She visits new mothers at their home and helps them get settled with baby. Her work includes giving advice with sleeping, feeding and generally everything around adjusting to life with a new baby. Talking to her, she revealed that there were many pressure points for new mothers, which at times were stressing them out unnecessarily. This post is going to be part of a new series called “Ease the pressure with…”

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What’s the time Mr Wolf – Exercise Time!

I wake up at the crack of dawn to fit in a few things for myself before my kids wake. One thing is exercise. I realised that after baby number two, getting to the gym, when I went back to work, was a logistical nightmare. I couldn’t go before work, pre 6am as most gyms were closed. And most evenings when hubby got home from work, I would be too hungry or just too exhausted to go. It was excuse after excuse, something had to change!  Thank goodness for fitness DVDs (I had always been a fan of these since a teenager), YouTube and more recently fitness apps (I love sworkit). I could schedule my fitness around my day. So after a lot of trial and error I have finally settled on working out first thing in the morning at 5am-ish.

Valentines Day…

I have been trying to write this post for a few weeks, knowing Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner and thought wouldn’t it be nice to give my readers some ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day romantic when you have kids. Well, you can’t write what you don’t know…and with three kids I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a truly romantic Valentine’s Day!!!

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Child’s Play!!

I picked up my youngest darling from nursery and asked her “How was nursery?” she said “fine” and I asked her who did she play with? She told me and said that they played “little sisters”. I said that sounds like a great game, “how do you play that?”

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Routines v Spontaneity

In my teens and twenties I prided myself on being spontaneous and living in the moment …that is probably why I look back at that time with such nostalgia. However 10 years on and constant spontaneity, just doesn’t cut it when you have three kids relying on you, so roll in routines…yawn boring!

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What highly effective people do before 8am…(That’s us mums right!)

I have been doing a lot of reading on waking up at 5am and what the world’s highly successful people do before 8am. I am not going to lie, I try to wake up at 5am,  during the week, before work and to be honest it works, you can fit a lot in for yourself before the kids wake (if you are lucky not to have the little ones wake with you). I have time to exercise, meditate and chill out for a while before my household wakes at about 6.30am and that time out does me the world of good. I go to work calmer and I feel like I have achieved so much, before the day has even began. On the days that my kids wake before 6am, they just wander downstairs and usually join me in my exercising etc, which can be distracting (especially when they are screaming for breakfast and your mid-meditation) but I have got kids after all.

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