Add a touch of glamour to your day

I want to be that stylish sophisticated lady. The one with lovely clothes, gorgeous make up and beautiful shoes. I admire that lady, aspire to be that lady…but in my reality… with 3 kids, I struggled… what clothes look right? Will it still fit? and what my new mum style should be? Then last year, I decided to invest in the help of a stylist (I got a good deal on a voucher website). And it was the best thing for me, my wardrobe and hubby too it would seem…

The stylists came to my house and after a wardrobe analysis and 3 black bin bags full of clothes later, my capsule wardrobe had begun. They made me try on all my clothes and told me why something did or didn’t suit me. It was great (this is how it must be for the stars).

With their encouragement, style guidance and shopping tips. I realised I could be that stylish lady I dreamed of in clothes that worked for me and my lifestyle.

I now make a conscious effort to dress up. I glamourise my office wardrobe with a statement necklace here and a pencil dress there.  On the weekends, I accessorise what use to be a boring jeans/ leggings plus top combo with pretty jewellery, cute shoes, a trend piece.

I have never felt so confident and happy with my wardrobe. I get excited to get dressed in the mornings!

Now this all may sound a bit superficial, but what is wrong with a bit of style and glamour in your day if it makes your stand tall, feel confident and be the “kickass” woman you were born to be…

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