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My Job Application

How do you still look for jobs when raising children?

I always end up doing my job searches at crazy hours in the morning when I can’t sleep say 4/5am (I’m a bit weird like that).

Super prepared me, I always have a cv ready to go and a draft cover letter, which just needs a few tweaks here and there, but generally ready. I press send and job applied for, check! I don’t wait for a better time in the day and I don’t put much more thought in to it, until hopefully I am called in for an interview.

Well I had recently applied for a role and followed my lazy, sorry I mean well prepared application process and was over the moon when a few weeks later I was called in for an interview. (Check – job interview. well done Vanessa!)

Well, I soon stopped smiling when I saw what else was required. I needed to complete 3 tests online: numeracy, verbal and logical reasoning. (What!) In my head these tests were for graduates/ those fresh from sitting exams. I hadn’t sat for an exam in over 10 years this wasn’t going to be easy. I’m a professional in my field. Surely I don’t need to do these. I was desperate for a way out of not doing them, but as you guessed it, the tests were nonnegotiable.

Oh crap (what I actually said was a lot worse). This required me to actually use my brain in a way I hadn’t done for a long time.

I went into a slight panic. I wanted the opportunity, but I had to find a time in my packed weekend schedule when hubby could look after the kids and I could be locked in a quiet room undisturbed. I had put it off for so long that it was now Sunday afternoon, two of the kids were at a birthday party and hubby had the other. There was no time to practice. I had to get straight to business, with exactly 1 hour to do all three tests. (note to self – delay tactics do not work and fairies who sit the test for you do not exist)

After 15 minutes in full panic mode, I switched on the laptop, told myself…Vanessa – Don’t think, just do!

I would love to say that I sat them and they were a breeze. They weren’t I timed out with a lot of the  questions (It was 60 second per question – who’s brain works that fast…obviously not mine). Oh, and I forgot how to read with the verbal reasoning (I’m embarrassed at how many timed out). Regardless I did it and am kinda proud of myself, for breaking out of my comfort zone and rising to the challenge.

For future applications – I will not be as complacent. I will continue with my prepared method (to be discussed in detail in another post) but I will be open and adjustable to any possibility. I also need to remain confident in my abilities, as a mother, I know I am adaptable (with kids you have to be) and I need to always keep the bigger picture in mind. This was only part of the process, there is still the interview, where I can really sell me!

And whether I get the job or not the experience was worth it in the end.

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