How are you using your time?

There are 24 hours in the day and just suppose you sleep for 7.5 hours (I’m being generous here); work 9 hours (may/may not include travel to and from work); get ready, dress and prepare & eat meals, approximately 3 hours; daily chores and miscellaneous 2 hours; which leaves you with 2.5 hours that you are free to do with what you please…
Unfortunately most of the time those 2.5 hours are scattered through out the day (20 mins here and there) or they could be really late in the evening when your tired or can’t spend time with kids/loved ones. Or you could travel so far to work that it eats into that free time.
But just suppose that 2.5 hours was all together at a time that worked for you. What would you do? Would you waste it looking at mindless TV? On social media (I am a sucker for wasting time on Pinterest/YouTube)? Or would you use it to make yourself and your family happier?
2.5 hours is nearly a morning session at work (9-11.30pm) and I know I can get a lot done during that time. I think I need to start looking at my free time and see if I can rustle up a 2.5 hour me session. This time is precious and needs to be respected, it is that small gift from your day that is all yours so fill it with what you truly desire.


  • Natasha Gaham

    14th January 2016

    Thank you for this post, time time time, where does it go? And the worst thing is that like you I have a daughter not a brood like you – so well done, I salute you girl – but anyway I have so many ideas but not enough time to plan, develop or financially invest, then the big word happens- PROCRASTINATION (is this how it’s spelt?) what I am trying to get at is of course I would relish that time if it happened in that chunk but I think I would just SLEEEEEEEP! But of course I cannot as I would wake up more drowsy not being able to do anything and plus it makes you so much tireder so you would lose 2.5 plus more hours – how irritating! I love your blogs and will definitely post replies we need more of this. Thank you Vanessa from a cheeky woman!

    • workingmumlife


      24th January 2016

      Hi Natasha,
      Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean when you sleep instead of doing what you planned to do, because you always end up more tired in the end. Keep reading the posts and I look forward to more comments. Vanessa


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