My First Blog Post

So here it is my first written entry for my blog. I have been thinking of doing this blog for ages. Talking to a select few about what i want it to be about and my ideas etc. I even researched other mummy blogs (for me this was a big mistake!).

I was put off instantly. The shear number of professional writers out there writing mummy blogs – they were funny, captivating, took amazing Instagram photos… Who am I to think I can do this – what a silly idea, I can’t write a blog! Then a good friend said “Vanessa pull yourself together and just write the blog” …so I told myself, “Vanessa! Don’t think, just do.” Which is my mantra in life, especially when I’m faced with a challenge.



Welcome to my blog…


Now let me introduce myself properly. My name is Vanessa. I’m a wife to an amazing husband (most of the time), a mother of 3 beautiful children and work full time. What that really means is that I’m always running around, working tirelessly at home to raise a family, at work to make a living (Are you allowed to say build a career once you’ve had more than one child?). All while trying to spend quality time with myself, hubby and occasionally my friends, without the kids in tow!


So is it possible to be a working mum who juggles it all… Career, kids, husband all while looking immaculate (home and self) and not breaking a sweat…hell no!  But I believe if you prioritise (and sorry to say simplify and organise) you can have all that is most important to you.


This blog is about me and how I try to balance all the demands in my life, my ‘don’t think, just do’ attitude and the fun I try to squeeze into it too! So are you ready for this journey because I am…